Buy SHIB Crypto Currency

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First Clear in Mind that Crypto currency is all legal in India.

Read this article :

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Do Investment in SHIB Crypto, as of now available at best prices.

No doubt Crypto is the favorite thing among software guys BUT Three reasons I will tell you for why investment in the Crypto currency has become my favorite :

  1. Crypto Exchanges work day and night. I was up in the night and was happy to see my money growing
  2. I am inspired from Bitcoin which is now about 47 Lakhs per coin ( but out of reach to trade for me)
  3. It has no expiry date, I always loosed in Options(Calls and Puts) of Share Trading during expiry dates, wanted to trade the real shares but it needed huge investment

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Complete your KYC, add money using wallet and start trading… Simple!

We too are adding SHIB to our portfolio

See the SHIB Price Chart here :