No Escape

There is no escape in this world.

Every time my daughter gets these badges from her school she puts on one of my desk … :)

These appreciations are enough for me as of now.


Hi Hope you are enjoying reading !

Trying to impress me?



A new Business contact trying to impress me saying that He will come to meet me in Amritsar & He will be staying in Holiday Inn and I can come down there to meet him. Do you think I am impressed ? Never…. Boss Holiday Inn sort of names are good to impress a local businessman & not the one who already doing International Business. Simply he could have come down to my place I would have been more happy :)

More missions

One more mission complete 👍
Toronto अब दूर नहीं :)

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More missions from Mudit’s other posts

I will prefer my sales person to sell first 10 iPhones 😍 from in his first month. After he sells this much then only can talk about the software part of our company. Obviously software are of more worth & need even more expertise.

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For the serious businesses who are damn serious like an army of a country, facebook posts are not mere posts these become 24x7x365 like an army check post…. :)
So friends & family we keep on posting so to remain on top of our competition

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If you create one confusion to an Employer… Employer can create 100 confusions for you! We are very transparent so expect transparency from you :) Time has gone when we used to be fed up Now we are very much ProActive. – Being an Employer

I knew people are assets and also few are problem creators… So I have partners who are American HR masters !

We always aim to provide you cheap but best service !!

Like our BulkSMS
Best in Service But Cheapest in Rates 👍

Our Flights are also at wholesale rates
Best in Service But Cheapest in Rates 👍

Others may love money in your pockets
But we Love Smiles on your face 😘

These Free Portal meant for networking
Are actually not actually free… :)
Yeh ujadtey hain dusron ki company 😡
By these cheap tactics they even cannot grow.. Have a Bet

Startups with Lifelong commitment are the best Startups of the world 🎊

My Promise :
In all my startups – My products & services relevant to my industries will be performing even better than this car in Hayati’s Song
(Am inspired 😘)

We should not reinvent our own wheel, but should mostly use wheels developed by wise persons :) & what about happy philosophers ?

By all means marry: if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. – Socrates

काम तो किसी से भी करवालो ग़ालिब
हमें तो कम्पनीज रौनक के लिए रख लेती थी 😜

#LovewithNature #republicday Nature is Priceless!!


कभी कभी तो लगता है 16 साल दिन रात एक करने के बाद ..
अभी तो शुरवात है 🌻
नखरे उनके काबिले तारीफ हैं जो 4-5 साल बाद खुद्द को बादशाह बतलाते हैं… 😊
Sweet sixteen professional career ko salam !!!

Best Travel Services

Working on to bring the best travel services for you

#TangoTrip #TopologyPro


Other recent posts of Mudit

ज़्यादा लाड प्यार ही बिगाड़ते हैं इंसान को
बॉस बहुत अच्छे होते हैं जो गुस्से होते हैं
I swear !

Our Recent visitors on web we do not even depend on google to inform us this !

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We use private browsers where chrome do not bother our clients for their low job of data gathering & obviously better than incognito

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Power of GST :
Many companies who were working remotely now have setups in India & provide nice invoices 
Salutes to Modi ji.

Love with Nature 🌼

These days am dating with Nature !



Mudit’s view on entrepreneurship (from his post on social media)

A reknowned company after seeing my last updated CV in a job portal called me for a high end job with a high package…

I said am interested and after 5 minutes I told am not.

HR Lady said that to me that how can I change my view in 5 minutes.. My simple reply was just like companies can fire a employee in 5 minutes :)

Again she asked that they can even provide me more… Now my next reply was that I would rather like to own my own home and live happily there rather than to be servant even in white house ..🙏

Anyways these are my personal views. Adopt these only once you are ready for so.


Mudit’s reply to a other guy

A 5-6 years experienced guy asked me how I get any work done while he cannot ? My reply was : My company is around 5 years old which I started after my own 11+ years experience in Biggest MNCs
Santoor ‘Umar Ka Pata Hi Nahin Chalta’ :)

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Mudit’s work style (in Hindi)

वैसे तो बहुत नाप तोल कर बोलता हूँ
पर सच्चा हूँ इस लिए CA भी थर्र थर्र कांपते हैं 


Happy Lohri 🔥

Happy Lohri 🔥 to All

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Wishing a very Happy Lohri to all the friends & family….

Amritsar city needs no introduction, my childhood in Amritsar was filled with all the enjoying festivals like this beautiful one Lohri. Almost all people are found on their terrace today to enjoy flying kites with a awesome evening of religious bonfire.

It is celebrated a day before Makar Sakranti (Maghi) which is a start of new Hindu calendar year. It is also celebrated as pongal in south India. Enjoy the festive 🎊🎉