Candidate from Top Institutions are always preferred?

It is not that always Top Colleges or Universities are preferred while hiring even for the same range of perks… (unless it is specifically mentioned in the job profile requirements)

Because recruiters think differently and it is mostly seen that Top Universities or Colleges will fit into with them or not? Or will they fit with their peers? They may later ask for higher hikes? They may work less and command more? They may get another offer sooner than the any other ones? They may have more Ego?

Lot of such questions come to Mind while hiring a candidate!

resume assesing

So depends on number of things not just a single constraint that they are educated in the Top Institutions…..

Be Cool ! Wherever you are graduated it is always The Best because I have seen many cases where from Ordinary Colleges people are reached to The Top of their careers based on their own merits and skills

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Future of Technology ■■■

Future of Technology appears in 3D Printing, Drones, Robots, IoT, VR and Remote Operatives

Now we have touch screens then it will be contact less technology!

Good thing hidden in future ■■■

CoViD-19 is a human negligence case and mankind suffered But in future there will be in advance forecasting for any such dirty pandemics….

Because Human race is most intelligent those who are! & It will be a mandate like many Billions are spent on a country’s security and similar will be spent for country’s immunity.

Bio medical technology have to be very strong for human race survival, Alexa like Artificial doctors will be there in many homes for the kids, elderly people who will take care of the all needs of humans

Computers & touch screens were just the beginning and are 1% of the evolution, more technology will be seen in the new decade till 2030… keep on counting

Who knew computers will be at almost every home? Who knew Smart phones will be with almost every hand? Who knew Facebook will be so popular?

Now who know flying suit will be with every human to travel by air on our own without any need to book airlines!

Don’t worry if 2020 is bad, yes it is – but this has given the biggest lessons to mankind to get prepared and have readiness for anything alike even for future.

And trillion dollar companies I always talk about will be the ones who will bring forth the changes earlier scheduled on 2080’s+ to 2020’s

I hope am able to make contribution to your enjoyment to read
Always with love & regards to my readers!
Mudit Gupta

We are creating Epics!

Being a founder of #TopologyPro and that too being bootstrapped I had the concern to backup my team with more like minded teams…

And learnt a lot from India as a country’s Strategies example Like all the lions are not visible in our emblem.

No one will come to know from where we are operated not only due to High end VPNs we use but also from where teams can run all the show even in absence of one or the other team.

I know earlier 3 years ago there were chances for us to be defeated as a company but NOT NOW!

We have implemented even more like recording all calls with our own TopologyTel, security checks on all applications, more factors in authentication, High encryption and lots more…

With a Prime Aim as per the Vision of our Company and with His grace not only the Big companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are our working partners and associates but also many highly skilled companies who work with us from different locations.

We are creating Epics! @TopologyPro

You can work with us but competing is not a 1% chance.

What is worse than COVID-19?

After entering more into Management, I came to know the value of words and how they shape your thinking and even mold it.

Often what happens that the culprit’s mind, the minds which have negativity and motive of destroying other’s peace, they do it very cleverly.
They will praise the other person in front of deserving ones so that either the deserving gets hurt or the other gets pushed up to do their peak performance. They have many tactics.

But in most of work places you will notice that children of businessman are more confident in doing their jobs because they have a solid background and are not afraid to be firm in front of their bosses because they know even when they are in jobs they have certain businesses built up by their parents or ancestors where they can depend upon so they care very less for any comments or remarks by co-workers or seniors whereas the children of a service class will always have worry even doing jobs at other people’ business because they only depend upon the single source.

I never advice doing jobs if that is your single source of income because that is too risky for your health and fitness, other than your finances.

& Now about me – Now I ask the same salary question to the HRs of other companies and they fade away.
Because now work is not the only constraint but How they deal I get to know from their talks and on what level they are….

You know why this happens because In big companies other employees they do this to dominate and the real owner or founder may not even know what is the real situation inside his company.

Now people are understanding the meaning of uncertainty in this COVID-19 Lock-down of 2 months but I will tell you if your boss/manager is not appreciating you or you have fear of loosing job that is worse than this COVID.

It is better to build a business than to be Living a fearful life in other’s company forever.

So, What is worse than COVID-19? 

Ans: Forever Fear of losing Job!

Having a Second Income is the only Vaccine in this case 

More from Bangalore memories

Do once Join IBM if you get a chance in your Life… It will make you work workaholic, then if required in your life it will be very normal thing for you to work excessively hard and for long hours.

From Bill Gates to Rattan Tata – If they do not mention anything of any other company then at least they do mention either their work experience with IBM or their offer to join IBM

I also remember my Bangalore days in IBM when my Manager used to say that why I am sitting so late ? I knew I have no family member there in Bangalore so I thought going back to my apartment I will have no face to see inside my flat & so do my Boss 😂

Mudit Gupta #TopologyPro

Direct opposite to the same building in the same IT Park there was a Microsoft building also & One day I got a call from there also but soon I was to fly abroad

Not only this the Recruiter, she was HR in other consultancy started personally liking and praising me, I could make a judgement from her talks But me Punjabi and she told she was from a town near Bangalore – I knew my family would never allow so I never stepped ahead as she being a south Indian.

Not only this that time IT was in great demand and staff crunch with every organization was there, I was surprised to get a call from UNO only after 4 months of joining in IBM, that time I was in Gurgaon but that was too early and I had no reason for change.

Just wanted to say that many things happen when you join good companies, believe me world is full of opportunities but the only thing is either those should come on proper time or you should be ready when those come to you.

Take care friends…
I hope you enjoy reading

My Happiness Milestone Being a Founder

And today I started seeing what benefit in matter of happiness I am getting after putting in my days & nights in work till date from last 17 years in my career…..


Happiness is when my x-managers call back me from Malaysia, Australia etc. within 5 mins & they guide & help me whenever I am stuck.

Happiness is when Google’s, Godaddy’s, Amazon’s & other Big companies as my Associate’s Managers Call me Sir! & they even have given me credit of their services in my bad times.

Happiness is when I get international calls & they introduce me their services & products from all over the world.

Happiness is when clients from other countries give more of projects on Diwali so that here we can enjoy more.

Happiness is when Top Indian company’s Vice President discuss proposals.

Happiness is when my service provider vendor’s manager discuss their own issues & I am able to help them by sorting even their problems.

Happiness is when I am able help startups by giving them small projects to do so that they can also get work on their plates for their team.

Happiness is I have helped my spouse in learning many good things regarding IT industry and I always keep her up to date so as to help me whenever I am in need.

Happiness is having business relations with domestic & international recruiters.

Happiness is being role model for younger brother & sister.

Happiness is in-spite of working daily spend time with parents, wife & my Kid Ishana!

Happiness is reading daily, having spare time for facebook & doing all the good things which I want, anytime & anywhere.

I swear I do not have any craze of getting a new Kid/Son, the younger ones with whom I work like I mention above are enough to lead a happy life as they provide so much of respect.

I thank for all this to the Almighty God 🙏 I never thought of all these good things could happen to me when I started my career. & My Request to Him is to keep all of us away from Negativity, negative people & any other viruses like corona.

The God who has helped me achieve upto this level I am sure He will take me to the next higher levels also.

I know this what many people dream of and imagine about what actually I am doing in my life and if you talk about critics they have as many mouths as they are (so I damn care)

Happiness is seeing readers on my blog & sharing happiness through my articles with them! 😘😘

Thanks a Tonn!

My update on Carona!

Everyone is suffering in one or the other way. Industries which are suffering the most:

Immigration Agents, Visa Services
Tours & Tourism, Events & Holidays
IT Services – Limited Services
Religious Services
Malls & Shopping Centers
Impex- Imports & Exports
Education – Schools & Institutes
Online shopping due to low shipping, packaging and delivery

Based on News, Internet study & emails in Inbox announcing that my vendors will be providing lesser services due to this pandemic.

So what left is – Health Industry. That is also not good as people are avoiding going to hospitals & clinics because of the pandemic and fear that they can catch the virus if anyone present there with it. Pharmaceuticals already loosing trust as till now they are not able to find a solid medicine/vaccine of this virus.

I have seen in many videos and they are right when they say that Normal Cold cough is not Corona Virus. No need to worry for that and even your family doctor would be good enough to cure you for that.

Testing being done on arrival to India

Medical Testing being done on arrival to India. Image source : Internet

India is quite safe comparative to other countries because of many good measures of Indian government as we keep on listening that people including celebrities like Anoop jalota are being kept in isolation when they are coming after travel from other countries. Also there is vast level of awareness created by the social media – facebook, whatsapp, mobile pre feed messages, TV shows. The only thing to be worried about is the news of some people who run away from Isolation wards after being diagnosed with the virus and the population in India because it can spread fast otherwise due to foolishness of those who run away. Otherwise people India as I earlier talk about are with good eating habits and we all believe in self hygiene like taking bath & daily prayers, preferring fresh foods only.

Also I have seen some people of India claiming in facebook that they have medicine of virus but they are not telling it publicly, actually they must be keeping it in secret because they may not be the qualified doctors or researchers, but as per me they should be given chance because you never know if even 1% they are right and if it works could save everything for human life.

I hope you enjoy reading!
Take Cares.. Avoid Travelling, Wash Hands & Face
Namaste 🙏
Mudit Gupta