This is my personal website, a place where I showcase things i like. My writings, my thoughts, my clicks, my presentations & any and everything I want to show to the world.

I appreciate that you stopped by to check out some of my write ups and clicks. I hope that you also liked my presentations and other random stuff that I do here.

Before you go back to check out some more work of mine, I would like to tell you that

a. I am not a professional writer and all the work of writing I do it to convey what I feel. There articles and write ups are all my personal thoughts and opinions. You have complete right to disagree with what all I have expressed here and I completely honor that.

b. I am not a professional photographer. The sole reason I click photographs is just to “capture the moment” and show it to the people around.  The photographs posted in this website under “Photo Clicks” are either taken by my iPhone or by Sony Point and Shoot Camera. Treat them as clicks by “just another random guy”.

I do not by any chance want to demean this awesome profession of writers and photographers who have put in their heart and soul in these professions to change the world .

If you do not like something here, write to at [email protected].