Old Boss is a Old Wine

Old Boss is a Old Wine (Most Valuable Human Asset) 🙏
If you are getting an old boss in any company never miss that Golden chance. Because when you work under a person who is retiring soon, He knows almost all Depth & Breadth of work than anyone else.

Obviously you inherit his experience & work ethics and can better learn a very important aspect from him that is how to handle work pressure 👍

Note : Image is just not any real & just to suit the relevance of this post.


Shut or Shout ?

Imagine a business situation where all you are doing is going well except for making enough revenue where its not making enough revenue even for sustainability. So now what thing comes in your mind is to Shut or Shout ?????

Go for Shout. I mean shut should be the last option in any case in your mind so shout as much as you can. By Shout I mean making enough marketing efforts where the voice of company may reach the desired audience.

Some wrongly say about some people that they achieved success at the rate of overnight time, Hows that possible ask them and they will not know. The overnight success which seems to many actually is many years long continuous efforts which actually just get recognized after some night due to any good events or so.

Shut is that you are quitting and Shout is that what you actually need to do, make all efforts which possibly you can do. Make a Plan, List activities, Jot down the tasks, delegate what you cannot do yourself and even to speed up, go insane if required, do whatever it requires But do Shout aloud so you can be heard !


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I wish all my readers a great success in all their endeavors specially which are currently into business and my all empathy to all those who are trying their best to achieve their targets. Do sincere efforts, leave no stone unturned, believe in yourself and that Almighty.

Most importantly Shout well before so that you never need to Shut


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Affectionately Yours

Mudit gupta

Sugarcane symbolizes Wealth

Sugarcane means wealth, there is a logic because you can see elephants most of time near

Maa Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) in photos & Favorite food of Elephants is Sugar Cane.

I have crop of sugar cane beside me…

To appreciate man made things, first you need to understand & appreciate nature.

Please God Bless us All 🤲


Mini jump & Rise up

Sometimes you are in a position where everything needs to be balanced in a very accurate way, you can not put more or even less pressure…

All you need is to be well trained and that too to be self trained which can come from practice only…..
Special game for entrepreneurs where they need to be Risk aware at every move ! (Mini Jump)This game in FunMoj relates to be what am saying
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Selling to Rich ?

If you think its easier to sell to richer class of society in your segmentation on the basis of income groups then my answer is NO. Simply because richer class of people are rich enough and are not fools rather they seek goods and services at lower price to remain rich.


Although its been great in sense that you can only sell your best crafted goods and services only if people prefer to buy it seeing its worth according to the usability of the same thing to them. It is a fact that if you can sell the same thing at two prices then you need to add extras like extra cheese on the pizza else everyone will pay the same price as they pay for what you sell and not as per their spending capacity. If you dig more deep into the versions of windows operating system even they are differently priced for Home edition and professional edition, and that is all because of the features they are packaging in both are different. The same brand of automobiles have different models of cars differentiating in their features to give more rich feel to who pay more price for it. It is unlike the scenario where for the same shampoo brand which is sold for different prices just due to the quantity in it.

The pricing should be kept in mind with affordability of the segment where your stuff is being sold to and obviously low prices go for both.  And main thing is the Genuineness which every buyer is checking before they even know the price.

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