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Exploring Calm…

It has been always told to many of us that we all should be disciplined always, that is a good thing but what as excess of everything is bad so do is the excess of discipline. Then what comes next in our minds is then what if to break the discipline for more good things to be allowed to happen, which otherwise will not. Staying under work pressure and then taking break for rest is a regular thing and a day to day task and is of course very monotonous But what if we take small naps during work also. Personally telling you It is good! and found that Japanese have more respect for such work culture.

He is God that have given us day and nights as separate parts of the day, believe me otherwise humans will even not sleep if can remain without that. Also Lord Krishna only said two things – a proper sleep and proper diet are enough for a human body to live a good life. But we most humans have a tendency to stretch all our efforts to increase the quantity of efforts and applied time whereas only few of us know that it is the quality which matters most.

Calm is power

Exploring Calm in this fast speed and high tech world is something like searching for the moments where you ask yourself that is it what is required to be? Or just let the things happen on its pace without controlling each and every aspect of your Business or Job. After all we all are humans and not machines and we are all working to retire one day and being Calm should be the ultimate goal of any soul. It does not mean that one should avoid hard working but it is the matter to enjoy whatever you are doing which will help you to remain near to your calm level.


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Mudit gupta 

Happy Diwali :)

On Diwali

I wanted to send you wishes for a year filled with prosperity, health and lots of fun!

Wishing you all a Happy Diwali!

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Learning is always a great experience where you get to know new information to improve upon your skills. Gurus, Saints, teachers and trainers of every era have emphasized on the learning from the time of Vedas and Puranas in Hindu mythology.  Practically saying Learning is the key to any human’s and society’s evolution. Human learnt to cook, clothing, build homes and implement technology to solve his every day problems of life. We all learn from our own and other people’s experiences. It is all meant to improve the quality in Life of Human race.


Then comes the concept of Re-Learning as we humans have the natural tendency to forget almost 80% of what we learn. We all need to keep reminding ourselves of what we learnt that we should not forget and have to keep it for life long. Only the things we focus on remains as permanent knowledge and also well said that out of sight is out of mind. We need to put efforts to sustain our good learning by practicality using it in our day to day life. It is just like polishing of Gold to maintain its lustre.


The most important is the last one De-Learning. Once we have continuous learning patterns in our mind, it is but obvious that we may learn something which was actually not desired to be learnt, somethings like strong bad experiences and old concepts not useful in modern day time mostly in case of technology and business. All such tings must be de-learnt to remain up to date and live a more useful and happier life by giving room to further new leanings.


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Mudit Gupta

It is always great to learn lot of good things like this concept of De-Learning from my Big b cousin Vikas Mahajan, who have always been enlightening me in many professional concepts even on long calls. I am always thankful for his time and guidance. 


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Solid Rocks Only!


Entrepreneurship for Solid Rocks Only. Mind it before you enter into this profession that it’s never meant for timid and weak heart. Many people from many walks of life enter into doing their own businesses and dream of high financial gains much earlier and others start enter into it for freedom of work time and to be free to do any work which they often dream about.

It’s more easy to say that you have certain skills and you can rely on it to generate a handsome living at earlier stages and then you will turn this into a full fledged business house. Even if you think like yes the odds are for others and am a pro would not suffice because you then are not considering the risks involved in starting something of your own.

Daily positive thought process is a easy to say than to develop once you see yourself encircled in the problems where it’s a new thing for you to be at the top of all the management and you need to run the show. After all you are a human what if you dream big is another case.

Imagine you run your show like a showmaster and you see that you are the only one to see even for the little things and the big ones are obviously your real duty. You know that other stakeholders very well depend on you and not to mention that they even reverse their faces once they see no growing thing in your startup and it then becomes more hard to convince them that the rough roads leads to the beautiful destinations because they then are expecting the things even more quickly than you.

You know it’s hard to hide the negative flow of energy once you are chasing the things for the success but still you have to do it.

Business man balancing on the rope high in the sky

Business man balancing on the rope high in the sky

Keeping a hope on top..

While walking on a rope!

Finding no water..

while face full with soap!

If you opt to be entrepreneur..

You need to be Sold Rock!


NOTE: My above words are just to say that you must be prepared for such things because there is always a warning written on roller coaster that it’s not for weak hearts.

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Hows Entrepreneurship

Be it a first generation entrepreneurship or be it involving a giant effort for business expansion … Keep in mind that it will never be a very straight forward put in the plate like the grapes.


You sow … you reap and you eat!

It’s a same thing over and over where many like others due to one or or another reason get into the street of entrepreneurship.

You need to see the things through many prospective but almost many times at the end of the day what is required is that YOU and only you who started with a small entity of piece of work becomes a giant spaceship where you carry a self esteem to drive that alone.

Small steps on daily basis takes you miles forward to the set destination of your journey! Here Right guidance is the most required assets you carry with you.

With the Right Guided Vision of the mentor it becomes that much easy where you get a peace of mind along the way of your journey ..

Best of Journey!


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