Some one asked me that how honest is my dad?

Some one asked me that how honest is my dad?

I said he has retired as a Big Gazetted officer & we are running our store which is a rented place, my Jaipur office place is owned by a close friend of mine.

I often donate money but I do not waste a penny and saving money to buy a office for me and as of now I myself run my office from our home( which is the only asset my dad owns for which came to his part from his parental property as our grandfather was a businessman too)

All is what my father has he invested in our education so I decided not to have more than one child as seeing he was most of the time broke as we were 3 of his kids.

All the wealth I have is education from university, some courses from IITs and IIMs, my experience, my skills, my family, my friends, my reputation which is trusted in many countries abroad.

My American Business LLC is with my Brother (and his family) who is also a computer engineer and consultant too getting big perks and I share 30% with them of LLC. He got lucky enough to get married with Amritsari Girl with American Citizenship.

Same I did my with Vanitaa (my wife) she owns 30% of the company in India and now I am happy that she is working woman capable to run her own expenses from Gajann Store.

And now a new skill to grow money by Cryptos also with me.

I am Mudiit… know value of Money!

My Ultimate Goal is work till I can afford a World Class CEO of more capable than me and then enjoy my life in peace thereafter in Switzerland.

(Photo our new home in USA buyed by my brother,
always a portion for me there too 🙂 )

Om Sai Ram 🙏
Mudiit Gupta

Am I on Right Path?

Nothing gave me more peace of mind than what I got today…

During a surprise visit Seeing my daughter studying in her room just now at midnight 12Good to see that the struggles I have made in my life are rewarded in the form of sincerity of my child…

Same type of feeling when when in a surprise screen sharing find my team members putting their ample thoughts in designs & programming for innovation… Then also I feel that am a successful founder

Attending a colleague’s marriage

And most of all when in his marriage a groom himself who directly work with me, touch my knees in front of everyone I am Rewarded…

😪😪 Thanks a trillion to God

Om Sai Ram 🙏

Please God bless us All 💝🌼🌼🙏

Regards Mudiit

Happy Dhanteras

May Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi bless us All 🙏

It is said that Goddess Maha Lakshmi had to work for 12 years as a servant in a farmer’s home because she disobeyed God Vishnu and ate her favorite Sugarcane from a farmer’s land without the permission of that farmer. So as her punishment God Vishnu asked her to stay in the farmer’s home as his servant for 12 years. And when Maha Lakshmi completed 12 years by then farmer became a very wealthy person, he was not releasing Maha Lakshmi even to her husband God Vishnu and said that he took care of her as if she was his daughter.

So while she was to go back to God Vishnu, Maha Lakshmi told him to celebrate and pray to Lord Kuber 🙏 and Lakshmi 🙏 on this day, if he still wanted remain prosperous.

Happy Dhanteras

Om Sai Ram 🙏

I hope you liked this story Regards

Mudiit Gupta

Buy SHIB Crypto Currency

Dear Readers

First Clear in Mind that Crypto currency is all legal in India.

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No doubt Crypto is the favorite thing among software guys BUT Three reasons I will tell you for why investment in the Crypto currency has become my favorite :

  1. Crypto Exchanges work day and night. I was up in the night and was happy to see my money growing
  2. I am inspired from Bitcoin which is now about 47 Lakhs per coin ( but out of reach to trade for me)
  3. It has no expiry date, I always loosed in Options(Calls and Puts) of Share Trading during expiry dates, wanted to trade the real shares but it needed huge investment

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7+ Years But Everything is not sure…

For me money means a lot not because I need the whole money for my own pocket or bank account BUT because I need to pay every person, every vendor, every supplier in my team on time, that is actually the basic need of every human being other than air, water & food

Why I shifted myself back to Amritsar while still my business is in Jaipur too?
As a startup, after 1 year In 2015 we tried for VC funding(Venture Capital) & were supposed to get 4Cr from Rajasthan Venture Capital fund.
We hired an expert in our team, she was expat from Singapore. Everything was going as per plan and was on dot… But at the last moment we were refused fund because I being a founder belonged to Amritsar & we were having our home & immovable assets in Punjab only.
Our businesses were growing there also but we needed funds to maintain the momentum
Papaji then our Senior Director tried a lot to sell off our properties in Amritsar but we were not getting any of the good prices because we needed it more quickly to show on books with VC with whom also the funds were limited and it was huge competition among those who applied for it.

I remember the days I had to miss many team mates, to many i referred another of my known companies and to many we agreed to get the work from them on part time basis.
A senior guy was very helpful in setting up things for us in Amritsar, in our team came along with us who belonged to Varanasi, (got another good opportunity & now works at a good position in Noida)
I have been even with wet eyes for days and nights…Missing people who became just like my own family
Sacrifices is another name of Startups, some sacrificed for me & I sacrificed for some.
Coming back to Amritsar, Best People I have loosed by now, now only their memories are with me:

My Pet Rusty

My cousin Sumeer(Tinku) who gave us his project immediately when we came back to Amritsar

My chachi ji who usually came to us at our home asking me every time about the status of my company

Sunil uncle ji – (money lender) – to whom I went many times for 1 or 2 lakh whenever i was in short of money

Our first local client from Jaipur Verma ji of Sunrays Energies who left us due to covid-19

But Coming here to Amritsar has been beneficial so far in financial matters because every bank is ready to fund us as we have our parental properties here
Few management people and technical alliances still work from Jaipur to give us backup of work every time, Expanded our working members and teams to Lucknow, Indore, Chandigarh also
From the VC refusal I learnt that
One thing for sure… that everything is not sure
It is only the efforts in our hands, we can forecast many financial figures, project plans BUT 100% is never in our hands

I hope you enjoy reading
Please God bless us all
Om Sai Ram 🙏
Mudiit Gupta

P.s : Missing my father in law Shri Tilak Raj Ji ( whom we still do not believe that has left us in Covid-19)

Ordinary Success Stories Vs Forbes Success Stories

Bundle of Thanks to Internet & Specially Smartphones.

Now anyone can see the Forbes List of Rich people.

But surprisingly none of our near relatives or far relatives are in this list ever.

I do respect and follow a lot to my parents but not for everything like the stories of relatives they tell to us about their successes.

  1. Each and Everyone has their own success cycle
  2. I am 41 and still have 19 years if I live & become 60
  3. My Inspirations come from Forbes list and not from the ordinary success tales
But to my own kid I do not tell ordinary success stories 🚫

I hope you enjoy reading !!

Om Sai Ram 🙏
Mudiit Gupta