China & Its Problem

China forgot India’s Budha so is now suffering, Soon 94% of the world will boycott China fully and its trade line will come to ground level.

Because you cannot serve products and pain at the same time to other countries, and all are fed up with China. Once China used to export its 3rd class products & buying those was not guarantee that it will even work for 24 Hrs and now what it has produced in Wuhan has taken its toll on all the world.


The main problem of China is that it never gave importance to its quality so its relations are also suffering now. This clearly points to the blunder they always kept on doing by selling its products at a low price and thought that the world will be used to it. But NO, the World is not full of fools that will keep on taking your shit for granted. And see that All are now taking China as a negative country.

This all could have improved a long time ago if they could have focused on Quality than on Quantity. As per reports their Wuhan was run by their Trainees and what you can expect more when you keep so low budget for things that matter for Life rather All World is disturbed by your actions.