Everything Must Evolve

Technology & Business are very similar – Both do not present itself as full fledged on Day-1. These both evolve. Rather Everything Must Evolve
And my dear mother in law (daughter of a sarpanch(head of village) mother ) says the same thing in local language
सहज पके सो मीठा होय
This means that the fruits are sweater when they ripe on their own time.
We always think that we are more efficient, faster & modern than our elders But when we think so we forget the fact they have also gone through many stages of their Life
Sometimes no better management lessons can be told by anyone but by the ones who are our elders 🙏🏻
Because the real situations they can do analysis based on the thought process which they have developed from the time we were not even born.
Respect Always for all the elders 💖
Mudiit 🎊🎊