Situation almost everywhere

One reason people are not doing more shopping is because they say they have to sit at homes only, so why to buy more clothings and shoes. Reviews tell us that fashion shops are selling only pajamas and cheap t-shirts even after this unlock has started.

But festives are coming like Rakhi & Janamashtmi so shopkeepers and showroom owners looking for better sales than these days.rakhi

Earlier it was Govt. saying for lockdown but now people have lockdown themselves. Actually people have got scared also and avoiding going outside, also since offices, schools and gyms have not opened and even shops are not getting enough customers.

All this situation started in around 15 March and see that students from the start of this session are attending classes via online meetings. General physician doctors are also not opening their clinics as they see their own life risk in doing so, so any one in need to see doctor has to take personal appointments from them.

Though traffic on roads seems coming to a big amount but still circulation of money is very little, the only solid way seems to work will be the coming of vaccine and when every citizen will get immunized with vaccine, only then every being will get confidence to go out of homes and thereafter also it will take few more months for the markets to come to near normal. We can say a little better in terms of mobility BUT Again then the Vaccine comes to Mind! vsccine_covid

Till then
✅ Wear Masks
✅ Mantain Distance
✅ Increase Immunity

Take Cares & Pray God
All will be well soon!
Mudiit Gupta