5 out of 10 rules for now

Rule No. 10

Survival rule – The most important

Credit limit does not mean that you waste money of your company. Seen many founders having setbacks due to their own rash expenditures.
You must ignore what is otherwise wasteful.
I have been given Rs. 1 Lakh credit limit to use mobile but I know it will go from my pocket only 🙂 No body will come near you if you do not have money. www.startupmindz.com



Rule No. 9 

Make correct judgement

A technician visiting you and asking you how the remote of AC should work clearly means that he is having poor knowledge of your AC’s model. Politely Show him the way out.
Spend Rs.100 extra to find who is the expert and experienced. He is the right person.
I did it like this last week and it gave a lot of mental satisfaction because this new person was able to open and make service of my AC in a very very fine and the duffer earlier person was just gaining experience out of my AC.
Likewise make sure you give employment/work may be of any sort only to the deserving person who is having proper knowledge and right skills.

Rule No 8.

Avoid Distractions at any cost

Nowadays companies employee lot of staff to do tele marketing ( we at our company never do such cheap things and will never as I myself work for my peace of mind and so do my dear team). They hire people at low wages whose work is just to make calls and they are so stubborn that they will go on talking with you even if you once say no. Spend money for your peace of mind. Install apps even if paid to avoid such distractions. Because being professional what you have is your time. Even God will admire you if you boycott calls of such nuisance people as you give value to your time because He has given same amount of time to everyone. India we do not have culture of voice mails but I have learnt from my own company in US that how people efficiently use their time and are more productive so most of us have started using voicemails even for ourselves and for our businesses also. Imagine that you are moving towards your destination and you have unwanted diversion in your path, how the rest of day will like to be. One who are real and will like to talk to you can drop an email or will drop a voice message also so do you think now that these persons who are tele callers deserve even your one second? www.startupmindz.com



Rule No 7.

Target & Find who are finding you

In our earlier days we were trying a lot of convincing to the clients here and there. The more we were asking people for business the more they were thinking as me and my team are like homeless or of poor people category and were considering us beggars. Let me explain you, individuals who actually know the worth of quality will reach to you by any ways. Unnecessarily wasting your energy & time on wrong audience is the worst thing. It can only bring frustration. We have also come to an understanding that we know what we are up to and real client is like a true jeweler who knows what is the best gem out of so many in the sack. Instead of wasting this time explaining the persons whom it can take ten years to understand we have started spending huge amount of time in finding HNW(High Net worth) people who are the decision makers themselves.
We take appointments and reach to the right person. There we have 99% chances of pitching correctly as they are well aware of the benefits they can take from implementing technology. You should recognize that the others who themselves have wasted their lives on the old stuffs… by any means how can they accept the changes like automating their entire businesses. Let them how they want to live their life. Its their life we cannot force them to upgrade. Instead target the right people & reach to a point with them. Its by no ways to disgrace them or considering it our failure but to accept and respect the different thought processes. And most importantly it also costs me a lot to provide any one with my best services and then why not to focus on the ones who are self willing in technology. There are many who are finding you… find them.

Rule No 6.

Take your time – Never be in hurry

I have seen in fact in my family that they were mostly in hurry in doing things. Even going to a marriage party for enjoying their moments they were in hurry and spoiled the mood of basic need of outing and meeting with other members of family. Then me and my wife sat together and started analyzing that why they are so always in hurry and we came to a conclusion that most of their lifetime they were doing jobs and they had to reach their offices on time else they may need to hear a lot from their seniors. That is good to respect time to some extent but implementing the same habit of being in hurry everywhere is not a good idea.
In my this 16 years IT career I have seen both reactive and cool managers and few have worked for me also in my company. People have basic nature to be right always even if they suffer from heart diseases by being in hurry state. I will tell to you a story that there was a simple guy in my team who got married and started coming late to office everyday, I asked him to truly tell me what has happened? that even the people sitting next to you are complaining about you being late. I knew he was best performer once. He made me understand that he needs to drop his wife to office and even his other family members are now living in his home so he has to do other homely activities at the same time. I clearly got his point he was right at his place. You know when I planned to shift my personal office back to my hometown he was the only one to come along with me and rest other who were always on mark to hit the punching machines showed me their backs. I knew he was the best among all and he proved this too. Others who were always on time could not come along when needed on time.
At least Forget that thing when you are in your own business and should have that much enough repo that your being late should not spoil anything in case if any delay happens. If it is for good it will take time for sure. Delivering better should be the prime aim rather than just to deliver on time and bring not so tasty thing on the table. At my time when I started doing engineering, prime focus was that it leads to a very satisfying life and slowly everything seemed to be at commercial scale. But still choice is yours and no one can force you to be like others. If everyday you needed to be in hurry that cannot go long way and then when you will relax and enjoy yourself ? All this stress, anxiety and other such sort of human behaviors are born out of being in hurry. We are humans not machines. The one thing seems disciplined to one may not be the same to other. Its your own life so lead accordingly. When you imagine for yourself you imagine like this in the photo or still think yourself sitting in cubicles? Do think over it.



( Pending 5 rules – some other day) Take cares…  Bye for now!!