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I have been knocked down 100s of times since last 20+ years. But every time I stood up & seen myself stronger, richer and full of strength than ever before.
Now when I see that everything which seemed impossible those days have become achievable for me. In fact now when the things or any process seems simple I would rather say no because simple things are more doubtful for which lesser efforts are to be made.

When there is we find long list of bugs or improvements I say that we are doing good and very similar to when you see apartments building in road and nothing is clear as a picture to the layman other than the team of civil engineers or architects who actually know the maps and who know what is going to be build up.

I have grown up in the environments where the running software for the higher managements seems to be only affected by the color schemes and they want to see the greens on every status bars and they come up with their any demands to be be fulfilled as functionalities of that and we the engineers then moved on to rewrite codes to bring those changes visually appeal-able to them. I was very young when I received interview call from Germany being inside IBM for a project of client but did not got chance to work for that client as the HR said that it is not even one year since I joined. I really felt very bad because when the client was ready who the HR is to stop me.

Nice office

If you are into sitting jobs then do not ever miss the opportunity if you get to work in nice environments because all after you have complete education and right skills with you, all you need is a decent cool place to sit and apply what you learnt all in your life to bring results for the organizations you work!

Anyways my life all has been a struggle till date but here is nice portal designed by me and hope to provide you with all sort of opportunities in future. I still believe in doing good for anyone as that ultimately reduces the bad memories of past.

And when I say you not to do job does not mean that you quit immediately to follow your dream of starting your own business but to be ready in advance if you need or are motivated enough to do so. Remember you will need lot of funds in future if you want to start your own business which you can collect by doing job and serving in high paying countries.

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Mudit Gupta