Billion Thanks to God

My Startup made me think that am blessed and again again I thanks billion & billion to Almighty God..
Actually During these 4+ years I have interviewed hundreds of candidate myself for various positions for my own company and learnt that..
1) There are many of them who even don’t have basic qualification like simple degree or graduation
2) Many don’t have one or both parents
3) Many don’t even have 2 Wheeler
4) Many are childless
5) Many are brought up by step parents
6) Many are diabetic or are suffering from one or other unique health problems
7) Many are still hand to mouth
and lot other things… but this is how the life is..

I thank billion billion Thanks to God for whatever I have…
Now I don’t complain Him anymore or even I do not compare myself to anyone.
I think God gave me my own startup so that I can see world with own senses …. 🙏🙏🙏🙏