Business is all about the Capitalized Ideas

Yes, Business is all about the Capitalized Ideas. In any sort of Business only those Ideas are Actualized which can be Capitalized and rest anything is responsibility(Corporate Social). Business is always a teamwork of the Individuals at various levels of roles working to Actualizing the ideas which in turn generate revenues in term of profits for its sustainability first and then its growth.

Let us suppose that you have nice and decent idea of any sort of work which in any ways have some processes and those processes have some activities, so you put up your efforts and are able to convince a group of people which you call a team to work on that. Those group of people also starts to put up their efforts towards that idea to get actualize but one thing is sure that only those ideas are acceptable in business world that the others i.e. at the minimum your team to visualize the profits in advance for which they can wait for in terms of their duration depending upon their relation with that idea. Because some may be your employees and others may be investors.

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