Exploring Calm…

It has been always told to many of us that we all should be disciplined always, that is a good thing but what as excess of everything is bad so do is the excess of discipline. Then what comes next in our minds is then what if to break the discipline for more good things to be allowed to happen, which otherwise will not. Staying under work pressure and then taking break for rest is a regular thing and a day to day task and is of course very monotonous But what if we take small naps during work also. Personally telling you It is good! and found that Japanese have more respect for such work culture.

He is God that have given us day and nights as separate parts of the day, believe me otherwise humans will even not sleep if can remain without that. Also Lord Krishna only said two things – a proper sleep and proper diet are enough for a human body to live a good life. But we most humans have a tendency to stretch all our efforts to increase the quantity of efforts and applied time whereas only few of us know that it is the quality which matters most.

Calm is power

Exploring Calm in this fast speed and high tech world is something like searching for the moments where you ask yourself that is it what is required to be? Or just let the things happen on its pace without controlling each and every aspect of your Business or Job. After all we all are humans and not machines and we are all working to retire one day and being Calm should be the ultimate goal of any soul. It does not mean that one should avoid hard working but it is the matter to enjoy whatever you are doing which will help you to remain near to your calm level.


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Mudit gupta