Magic of Love with your Company

Mostly I listen during the interviews with candidates about the complaints of their profession and their companies, I do listen them speaking about the negative feed backs they give me about their current company, but do you think they are able to impress me even when they speak wrong about my competitors? My Answer is NO .

The simple tests at my level which I take for the candidates is to check their psychometric and their metal for the loyalty towards my company. It hardly matters to me if they are the most talented or even the most skillful BUT all that matters to me is their endurance from the time they join and able to commit their values which they have formed since their Childhood to now, the schooling they did, the life stream they carry and the most important the image they carry for them selves.

Magic of Love with your company may be any ex-employer is that you radiate a positive energy in the atmosphere and your surroundings, you carry a whole world which forms a TRUST factor in you and the person you deal with. The softness at heart even at any position in your company is of more worth than even the last performance you gave.

For Computing we need LOGIC but We all are humans so we must believe in the MAGIC of Love which is natural giver of abundance !!