Shut or Shout ?

Imagine a business situation where all you are doing is going well except for making enough revenue where its not making enough revenue even for sustainability. So now what thing comes in your mind is to Shut or Shout ?????

Go for Shout. I mean shut should be the last option in any case in your mind so shout as much as you can. By Shout I mean making enough marketing efforts where the voice of company may reach the desired audience.

Some wrongly say about some people that they achieved success at the rate of overnight time, Hows that possible ask them and they will not know. The overnight success which seems to many actually is many years long continuous efforts which actually just get recognized after some night due to any good events or so.

Shut is that you are quitting and Shout is that what you actually need to do, make all efforts which possibly you can do. Make a Plan, List activities, Jot down the tasks, delegate what you cannot do yourself and even to speed up, go insane if required, do whatever it requires But do Shoutย aloud so you can be heard !


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I wish all my readers a great success in all their endeavors specially which are currently into business and my all empathy to all those who are trying their best to achieve their targets. Do sincere efforts, leave no stone unturned, believe in yourself and that Almighty.

Most importantly Shout well before so that you never need to Shut!ย 


I hope am able to provide my best write upsย 

Affectionately Yours

Mudit gupta