We are creating Epics!

Being a founder of #TopologyPro and that too being bootstrapped I had the concern to backup my team with more like minded teams…

And learnt a lot from India as a country’s Strategies example Like all the lions are not visible in our emblem.

No one will come to know from where we are operated not only due to High end VPNs we use but also from where teams can run all the show even in absence of one or the other team.

I know earlier 3 years ago there were chances for us to be defeated as a company but NOT NOW!

We have implemented even more like recording all calls with our own TopologyTel, security checks on all applications, more factors in authentication, High encryption and lots more…

With a Prime Aim as per the Vision of our Company and with His grace not only the Big companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are our working partners and associates but also many highly skilled companies who work with us from different locations.

We are creating Epics! @TopologyPro

You can work with us but competing is not a 1% chance.