What is worse than COVID-19?

After entering more into Management, I came to know the value of words and how they shape your thinking and even mold it.

Often what happens that the culprit’s mind, the minds which have negativity and motive of destroying other’s peace, they do it very cleverly.
They will praise the other person in front of deserving ones so that either the deserving gets hurt or the other gets pushed up to do their peak performance. They have many tactics.

But in most of work places you will notice that children of businessman are more confident in doing their jobs because they have a solid background and are not afraid to be firm in front of their bosses because they know even when they are in jobs they have certain businesses built up by their parents or ancestors where they can depend upon so they care very less for any comments or remarks by co-workers or seniors whereas the children of a service class will always have worry even doing jobs at other people’ business because they only depend upon the single source.

I never advice doing jobs if that is your single source of income because that is too risky for your health and fitness, other than your finances.

& Now about me – Now I ask the same salary question to the HRs of other companies and they fade away.
Because now work is not the only constraint but How they deal I get to know from their talks and on what level they are….

You know why this happens because In big companies other employees they do this to dominate and the real owner or founder may not even know what is the real situation inside his company.

Now people are understanding the meaning of uncertainty in this COVID-19 Lock-down of 2 months but I will tell you if your boss/manager is not appreciating you or you have fear of loosing job that is worse than this COVID.

It is better to build a business than to be Living a fearful life in other’s company forever.

So, What is worse than COVID-19? 

Ans: Forever Fear of losing Job!

Having a Second Income is the only Vaccine in this case