Why Weekend is more Important for a startup owner?


You must have heard Mr. Bill always saying that he had no off in his initial years of Microsoft Establishment.
But he has never mentioned why so ?
I will tell you a very good reason why Weekends are even more important than weekdays. I also never had any off from 5 years

It is because when you are running a startup obviously you are low with funds & God knows & He only gives you such powers for how you manage to pay all the billers including your staff & other parties.

You cannot hire very experienced staff members with low funds
& obviously then you need to get work done from less experienced members but quality needs to be same as if what you can get from experienced & of higher skills else you loose the startup game from the very first day. So you need to work 10 times more that is with each staff member.

Other thing is then why weekends not off including Sundays?
I will tell you why so – Its because even the less experienced staff members are employees & they are supposed to work as per their working hours, Its always you who started this show & no body else but you will only suffer in case you loose to win. They will must get their salaries which is what they work for, startup game is your born & brought up so its win & loose is your responsibility.

Also one major thing is that even good experienced & skilled are ready to work for the startups of a person like me who has 1000s of connections with IT engineers BUT these connections get time only on Saturday & Sundays, Its something like buying their time to help you which was otherwise supposed for their family.

I have seen toughest time in working of my Startups but God always helped me & I am so thankful to him that in all this journey of 5+ Years that I had one or the other good paying clients or partners which has always appreciate my work as I have worked for them as a Consultant also.

Initially, I will not name any of my seniors but in my previous joined companies knew that I get very easily challenged by issues in a piece of software, may be because I had less experience than them BUT now 95% of any engineers working for me Salutes me not only because they know that I can catch the bug in their thoughts even But because now I have also started paying maximum of Talent in India also on Hourly basis with high amounts & I together with them make their work performance accelerate to 10X.

I am not a Civil Engineer But just to tell a tale that cost of Home of the same is too cheaper in comparison to any other
& this way just imagine that in IT industry the 95% major cost is of skilled workers & you can save 95% by being a little like a lean startup which are without any huge hurries.

And By His own grace, even God has favored me all the moments. Billion Thanks 🙏


95% From my own Desk 🙂



So in your Initial years… Play on Golf Less & Write More on Word Press!