Entrepreneur is Paraglider



Yes, In my view Entrepreneur is Paraglider. You Start your jump from a plane which is going smooth in normal case and not smooth in a emergency situation. Even you know that you have a branded parachute and is also tested one. You need to Jump from the plane at one point of time with a faith that parachute will be in its active mode much before you hit the ground and Yes! if it does (definetely it will if all goes well) then It will break your anchor for such Brave move and you will become a professional paraglider in some more turns. In all this your mentor and whom you follow should be practical professional himself. Each time you need to be same careful but it will be fun when you need not to think much.
After all you are the only who is going to enjoy paragliding !
Happy Paragliding !

Love for my readers 🙂