Why Think BIG Only ?

Why Think BIG Only ? is a question which raised in the very starting stages when we were just setting the stage for “TopologyPro
Let’s evaluate its exact opposite
To Think small is NEVER an option with a Real Entrepreneur
If he is doing so he is cheating his entire enterprise, his team, his investors, his funders, his clients, his vendors, his followers and even his own Aspirations …
Let’s evaluate its Need
Thinking Big is the most needed element in every Entrepreneur because if he values thinking Big so then only he can elevate other stakeholders if needed. This will further create a positive atmosphere in and around his organization.
Let’s evaluate its Risks and Rewards
The only Risk I see is if we fully forget the ground realities in the Process of Thinking Big. But if we cover the above Risk by being realistic also along with Thinking Big then it has All the Rewards.
When you are doing passive or active thinking then you are actually planning that thing to form into reality. Do it in the Best way!
 It is never the quantity of thinking but the quality of thinking which counts !!
Thinking is a lifelong 24×7 Process – which can be continuously improved by deliberately being positive even in negative moments.
I hope you are enjoying my writings :)
Sincerely Yours
Mudit Gupta !