Early Morning

During the years to establish TopologyPro

I have been travelling to many schools & colleges to introduce our software solutions.
Mostly In the Govt. Schools it is boldly written “Work is Worship”.

Thinking about work the very first thing comes to my mind is “Karma”
And second thing comes to my mind is
“But what we need to do ?”
to worship the work

From there finally one thing comes that To Worship Work
“We should do something – In the Early Morning”
Like started for early morning calls with my Partners & colleagues and allot the work and tasks to all in the early morning itself….

Have a Happy and Blessed Start of the Working Week !!
Monday once Again : )

New Week has Started with all the New Possibilities

Om Sai Ram

Forbes & Responsibility

These days top ones in the forbes lists are promoted in many advertisements to get attention. And millions of people are becoming aspirants to be in the forbes lists

Start from wherever you Like but rise each day…

Do not dare to be as Rich as Bill Gates only.
Dare to be Like Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos also and do all the good which is done by Forbes 500 List.

If you think Indians are not getting in the list then see to Sharma Ji is also in the queue

Because it is now easy as their stories are already online and but do it bit faster as no one is here on this planet is 150 Years Old
Do your Karma and do not worry about the results.

But do not forget to pray God each day
He alone can give you Good Rebirth even if you miss this time and do not opt for Salvation

Whatever… Only reading posts will not do the work! Be Action Oriented.

But One Thing I will tell you…
In their real life no one is more peaceful and know they are saturated at some point even at so high.

If you dare to do so, then no matter you can reach even above them in the list…

I will tell you…
Many of the sales candidates who approach me have the aspirations to reach Forbes list and when I ask them will you take me also in that list then they are silent for next 5 minutes.

So it is up to you… If you still dare take the Responsibility.

Please God Bless us All
Om Sai Ram 🙏

I hope you enjoy reading
Mudiit Gupta