Being Leader !

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Hope you are in High Spirits and Good health when reading this post.

I am putting here the best of my learnings from leading TopologyPro from almost last 2 years (from a newborn Startup to a 2 years old Startup):

  • Being Leader you need to demonstrate the TOUGHEST tasks yourself.
  • Being Leader you need to be develop expertize in Front track acting and Back track singing  BOTH because you own the complete movie and its results also.
  • Being Leader you should be able to make your FELLOWMEN learn from you because your youngers are following your slightest move even.
  • Being Leader you CANNOT COMPLAIN and if you do, you are then complaining your own creations.
  • Being Leader you need to be in TOTAL CONTROL and if there was a miss somewhere just first excuse yourself, then quickly overcome the shortcoming ASAP.
  • Being Leader you should be there to FILL ANY GAP if possibly there so you need to be master of the complete scene. In startup you don’t have enough funds to explore more talent of this world.
  • Being Leader don’t start blaming to GOD, Religion, Elders, Environment, Education. It will not only waste your time and energy but will make your mindset a negative one. With negative Mind you cannot do positive Business. God is always supreme, send him sweet prayer (Just that’s enough)

Remember for a startup that you are creating something which was nowhere earlier !

Remember to Take Good Wishes of all the people you come across in your way !

Starting a Startup is a Total Life Changing Experience not only of you but all the people who are your near and dear ones !

Remember You are starting a very very long journey which will be a Lifelong if it turns a success, keep enjoying in the way.

“Always remember The Almighty”

He will surely show the Right Path even if you deeply stuck somewhere !

All the Best !

Sincerely Yours 🙂

Mudit Gupta


True Business Leads

Happy to announce more new services to our esteemed clients through a new platform.

True Business Leads 🙂

It is TopologyPro’s New Platform – A Lead Generation Agency. It is team of business people to provide leads for every business need.


True Business Leads

True Business Leads


Please check more details here :


Sincerely yours!

Mudit Gupta

50 % Fee waiver

50 % Fee waiver on all the Courses for Female Students !

Seeing the woman empowerment mission of the current Indian Govt. and always to be in align with the progress and best vision of the Nation, we are happy to announce our best offer of 50 % Fee waiver on all the Courses for Female Students.


Vision of TopologyPro Institute

To create a center for imparting technical education of international standards and to equip the students with appropriate attitude, knowledge and skills for their chosen vocation and inculcate values required for the dynamic corporate environment.

To check the courses which we offer to our students please click on the link below :


Welcome Sales Personnel

We are an International IT company looking for sales personnel and sales agencies to be our sales partners. We do not just need a marketing effort as we already have a marketing team and we are looking for sales only. We offer you up to 20% commission from every sales amount you do for us. We have certain web based software products to offer to our clients. More details upon your proposal. You are free to make sales in any part of the world BUT Payment to you will be done only after your first sale and there after long term association for the right ones.
Please only apply if you are ready to work on per sales basis and not on any effort basis.
Thanks & let us get to work fast.
To apply send email to [email protected]
Sincerely Yours !
Mudit Gupta