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These days it is noticeable that the 90’s born are more adjusted to the technology than 80’s born. The quickness to respond towards the latest updates are more found in them and they show up technology knowledge with more ease as we all know that Windows 95 brought the best desktop revolution among all the previously used Operating Systems and they must be at the max 5 Years and they started following these things at just 5 years of age.

Learning to changing IT world which has become more and more dynamic day by day, these days thousands of apps are daily launched and not even possible to remember all its names. Users are not very loyal towards the apps until it has some rarest features and are at it’s lowest prices and possibly free. What the IT students when they pass from their degrees see that the entire technology has been upgraded from the time they joined the degree course to the time they pass the final semester. More and More new names come in picture and the ranking of even their dream company changes.

My advice here to all the IT professional students is that DO master at least one of the technology including its programming language  BUT at the same time DO also learn to be Technology Independent  like providing your time to learning the business analysis and IT management. The best things which the MBA’s get an edge over an IT Engineer is the level at what they see the same things and also the confidence to interact superbly with the clients for which MBA is not a mandate.

Lastly I would like to say Best of Luck to all the Students who are going through the examination cycle!!

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