Some one asked me that how honest is my dad?

Some one asked me that how honest is my dad?

I said he has retired as a Big Gazetted officer & we are running our store which is a rented place, my Jaipur office place is owned by a close friend of mine.

I often donate money but I do not waste a penny and saving money to buy a office for me and as of now I myself run my office from our home( which is the only asset my dad owns for which came to his part from his parental property as our grandfather was a businessman too)

All is what my father has he invested in our education so I decided not to have more than one child as seeing he was most of the time broke as we were 3 of his kids.

All the wealth I have is education from university, some courses from IITs and IIMs, my experience, my skills, my family, my friends, my reputation which is trusted in many countries abroad.

My American Business LLC is with my Brother (and his family) who is also a computer engineer and consultant too getting big perks and I share 30% with them of LLC. He got lucky enough to get married with Amritsari Girl with American Citizenship.

Same I did my with Vanitaa (my wife) she owns 30% of the company in India and now I am happy that she is working woman capable to run her own expenses from Gajann Store.

And now a new skill to grow money by Cryptos also with me.

I am Mudiit… know value of Money!

My Ultimate Goal is work till I can afford a World Class CEO of more capable than me and then enjoy my life in peace thereafter in Switzerland.

(Photo our new home in USA buyed by my brother,
always a portion for me there too 🙂 )

Om Sai Ram 🙏
Mudiit Gupta