Necessity of a Mentor is like O2 to Life

When we consider to crossover tough passages in the professional world whether it be your Business, Technology or any xyz Profession, the importance of a mentor is high on the highway roads of your career. Choosing a right mentor, right from the beginning proves to be the best ever relation with any human who throws light at your good and your bad.  Mentor at odd situations is like a doctor of that situation who pulls you out from the darkness and if not the full path but at least the indication towards the right way-out so you should keep him aware of the true current level at what you are. Motivation is also a two way job like when you show confidence in your mentor then he also (if he’s right mentor) will prove his worth. Imagine someone saves your effort so he saves your time in which you reach your destination and the positivity you get with his involvement will make the journey very interesting. Who cares if you see the darkness ahead but Real Mentor elevates your Spirits! And he does this by putting his lifetime experiences into use in your case. Actually starting from your childhood you get natural mentors like your parents, your elder brother and sisters, then your teachers. But at professional level when you see the corporate world where each one of its member is doing for his own survival and to prove himself the fittest then believe me there is scarcity of Mentors who actually say “Yes Am there for you”.  You do deserve O2!!

For all my readers who would like me and my team to Mentor them, please email me to email id [email protected] and from there we will take forward.