Happy Guru Purnima


Anyone whom you believe and have faith, Anyone from whom you learn and get knowledge, Anyone who shows you a path, Anyone who brings you from darkness to brightness, Anyone whom you love and admire is your Guru.

Starting from Day 1 of your Life your parents, your siblings, your good relatives in your relations. Your teachers and professors in your student life. Your managers, mentors, coaches and trainers in your professional life, your spouse and children in your family life, the astrologer whom you consult, Religious leader whom you follow are all your Gurus.

Some are Guru for you and you are also Guru for some

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Let me tell you no one is without a Guru
Even Sai Baba has his guru
In case you follow Sai Baba
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Regards to all my readers
Mudiit Gupta

Words from my inside

Words from my inside “Attitude of Gratitude”

That is why Our elders always say “Waheguru Tera Shukar Hai” (God I am thankful to you)

When we were young and students of school we were having nothing on our name But then also we were most happy because we have loving parent’s love, teacher’s learning, to be with classmates and some dreams to fulfill and marks to achieve.

Once you become professional the Work and Money replace your assignments and marks. More and More types of Responsibilities start pouring in. Once You understand the meaning of Life (whatever as per you), You will stop complaining. Gratitude will come automatically for sure.

One more thing, when you were child and you were growing – Only those who see you after a long period of time could then see the changes in you and your growth, so they admired you. Being with the ones who daily see you could not come to know the changes. And You are watching yourself daily so you do not know what ones who see you after a long could find in you.

Do not forget to say thanks to God

Thank you God 🙂 #AlwaysBlessed

Om Sai Ram 🙏

Why India should prefer International Number System?

Indian Number system is the root cause why rich Americans are far richer than rich Indians…..

1 Million USD = around 740 Lakh INR

1 Million INR = 10 Lakh INR

Millionaire in USD is 74 times richer than Millionaire in INR

Do not know why we Indian use Lakhs and crores when whole world uses millions and billions….. So that is why we Indians have very less targets to achieve in our life . Lakhs and Crores should never be seen, it is just to give fake happiness to Indian

When we want everything of International Standards, we should also use only International Number System

But what is right and easy should be used only… because Indian number system is keeping all in India from becoming rich…. as I mentioned in this post. Currency difference is another thing but why we introduced more hurdles like we call some Lakhpati, Crorepati…. It should always be counted from millionaire and billionaire & so on. Complications should be removed then only Indian people can achieve International standards

Hope you enjoy reading!

Regards, Mudiit Gupta

(P.s- My views are meant to elevate India and should be taken constructively. If we are now following GST which is as per international system then why not International Number System also ? )