Strategy Vs Operations

We all know that establishing a new business and driving it to success needs tons of effort, The most strange thing is that You don’t know what will actually work. You need to try each new thing which strikes as if innovation in your head. There may be thousands of already established businesses of same nature and hundreds on which your prospective clients can make a bet and NOW comes the point that where YOU and Your Startup Stands ?

Lot of homework needed, hundreds of your connections come into play … You cannot remain in a Island and say you are connected to the rest of the world. Exploring each of your connect using what the buzz word Social media is all about Facebook, Linkedin etc. Though Strategy you can define sitting isolated but when the real execution of that strategy comes into job as operations then you need to be very laborious. Rather¬†the strategy needs to be dynamic where you need to plan all about where even you see a single opportunity.

More the time you spend on making strategy which matches the Vision of the Company – More it will be easy to perform in the operations and obviously MORE all of this will be result oriented.¬†Many of my clients ask me What First should they do Define a Strategy or Perform the Operations¬†and my answer always is that both of these go hand in hand. If one is skin then the other is the sense of touch …

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Keep Rocking !

Mudiit Gupta

Consistently Excellent



Ever thought of the best food brands like Pizza Huts, Mac D, Domino’s and even your local food brands like your favorite Paav Bhaji, Pani Poori, and even some of the best ice cream brands like Kwality, Mother’s Dairy. The mouth watering and appetizing tastes of the food products of these brands is one thing and the other thing is these being Consistently Excellent.

You might be thinking then how do all food brands on the earth vary. My simple clue is to make the markation of these in 3 categories

  1. Top – In the Top brands you never need to think for the quality of the stuff and the it’s goodness in delivery. You will always get the same best stuff every time. So I categorize them in¬†Consistently Excellent.
  2. Medium – Sometimes you get the best or the better and sometimes you may have to feel embarrassed due to the lag in their product’s Quality and service. Like suppose you loved to eat a lunch there with a Medium one’s and second time you came with all your friends group and you have to face embracement because this time it was not up the mark as it was last time when you enjoyed it alone.
  3. Low РYou always avoid these brands or shops but you keep these handy only in some cases when there is an emergency of the above two categories (Top and Medium)  not available for a moment.

This was just example of the food brands as we all know them very well and have high foot fall even of ours. The same concept is very true in all other cases for all the brands which provide you products and services. The more you get excellence in their delivery the more you rely on them.

Even I most of the times say that how lucky is a local shopkeeper that his customer is coming to him walking towards his shop. He should leave no effort to satisfy him to the best and the customer should never go with dissatisfaction. He should go home from your business with a faith and smile on face.

The best of the best brands will never let you down and always make you feel Special !

Randomly excellent is the best of history but to be a Pro you should always try to achieve the level of being Consistently Excellent. 


Sincerely Yours¬†ūüôā

Mudiit Gupta

Life Practitioner

I am still a practitioner of my Life and not any expert but these things came eventually in the written form :
How to be positive in negative circumstances ?
Think anything positive even if it is smallest and try to concentrate on that.
How to enjoy life in spite of stressful circumstances ?
Think that you are alive still to enjoy life.
How to deal in the right manner even in the wrong circumstances ?
Right manner is a habit and think to attempt this testing circumstance in the short form. Do not exaggerate.
How to not panic even in the worst situation ?
Take a deep breath.
How to make positive affirmations in the negative environment ?
Every night ends. Your daylight hero will shine.
How to deal right with the wrong person ?
Understand the root cause analysis. Humans are bound to do mistake.
How to win the loosed battle ?
You cannot change history but prepare to win the War from learnings of that battle. At Least it taught you lesson.
How to overcome deepest fear of your mind ?
Stop Overthinking, the fear is more in mind than in reality
How to act properly in bad situation ?
Act wisely, Silence is better than making noise.
How to smile even when heart is crying ?
Bravehearts, Lion’s Heart and you are not anything less.
Even if you cannot remember any of these and loosed your self control then just remember God. He will set everything for you.
Alternatively do not hesitate to ask  Help from your co-life practitioners who are also His creation.
The part of thinking is that we think “What If …” ¬†– just use this in the way that makes you happy and not sad.
If you are feeling that ¬†“Why this to me…” ¬†– then possibly you know very less about others.
When you think ¬†“Why Not this…” – then don’t be too greedy and face the reality too and wait for the Best is still to come.


Anytime Yours ūüôā

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