डट कर सामना (Hindi)

डट कर सामना

मुश्किलों का सामना करना ही ज़िन्दगी का दूसरा नाम है …
मुश्किलें सब को हैं,…
डट कर सामना करना ऐ दोस्त …
डट कर सामना करना ही बहादुर लोगों का काम है !

अगर डर गए तो हार निश्चित है …
अगर डटे रहे तभी जीत पाएं गे …
कुछ ऐसा करना है दोस्त …
सब मिल कर मुश्किलों पर विजय पाएंगे !

मुश्किल का समय ही सब्र का इम्तिहान लेता है ..
उसके बाद ही वो खुदा कुछ वरदान देता है !


Solid Rocks Only!


Entrepreneurship for Solid Rocks Only. Mind it before you enter into this profession that it’s never meant for timid and weak heart. Many people from many walks of life enter into doing their own businesses and dream of high financial gains much earlier and others start enter into it for freedom of work time and to be free to do any work which they often dream about.

It’s more easy to say that you have certain skills and you can rely on it to generate a handsome living at earlier stages and then you will turn this into a full fledged business house. Even if you think like yes the odds are for others and am a pro would not suffice because you then are not considering the risks involved in starting something of your own.

Daily positive thought process is a easy to say than to develop once you see yourself encircled in the problems where it’s a new thing for you to be at the top of all the management and you need to run the show. After all you are a human what if you dream big is another case.

Imagine you run your show like a showmaster and you see that you are the only one to see even for the little things and the big ones are obviously your real duty. You know that other stakeholders very well depend on you and not to mention that they even reverse their faces once they see no growing thing in your startup and it then becomes more hard to convince them that the rough roads leads to the beautiful destinations because they then are expecting the things even more quickly than you.

You know it’s hard to hide the negative flow of energy once you are chasing the things for the success but still you have to do it.

Business man balancing on the rope high in the sky

Business man balancing on the rope high in the sky

Keeping a hope on top..

While walking on a rope!

Finding no water..

while face full with soap!

If you opt to be entrepreneur..

You need to be Sold Rock!


NOTE: My above words are just to say that you must be prepared for such things because there is always a warning written on roller coaster that it’s not for weak hearts.

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Best Regards to my readers!

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