My Happiness Milestone Being a Founder

And today I started seeing what benefit in matter of happiness I am getting after putting in my days & nights in work till date from last 17 years in my career…..


Happiness is when my x-managers call back me from Malaysia, Australia etc. within 5 mins & they guide & help me whenever I am stuck.

Happiness is when Google’s, Godaddy’s, Amazon’s & other Big companies as my Associate’s Managers Call me Sir! & they even have given me credit of their services in my bad times.

Happiness is when I get international calls & they introduce me their services & products from all over the world.

Happiness is when clients from other countries give more of projects on Diwali so that here we can enjoy more.

Happiness is when Top Indian company’s Vice President discuss proposals.

Happiness is when my service provider vendor’s manager discuss their own issues & I am able to help them by sorting even their problems.

Happiness is when I am able help startups by giving them small projects to do so that they can also get work on their plates for their team.

Happiness is I have helped my spouse in learning many good things regarding IT industry and I always keep her up to date so as to help me whenever I am in need.

Happiness is having business relations with domestic & international recruiters.

Happiness is being role model for younger brother & sister.

Happiness is in-spite of working daily spend time with parents, wife & my Kid Ishana!

Happiness is reading daily, having spare time for facebook & doing all the good things which I want, anytime & anywhere.

I swear I do not have any craze of getting a new Kid/Son, the younger ones with whom I work like I mention above are enough to lead a happy life as they provide so much of respect.

I thank for all this to the Almighty God 🙏 I never thought of all these good things could happen to me when I started my career. & My Request to Him is to keep all of us away from Negativity, negative people & any other viruses like corona.

The God who has helped me achieve upto this level I am sure He will take me to the next higher levels also.

I know this what many people dream of and imagine about what actually I am doing in my life and if you talk about critics they have as many mouths as they are (so I damn care)

Happiness is seeing readers on my blog & sharing happiness through my articles with them! 😘😘

Thanks a Tonn!

My update on Carona!

Everyone is suffering in one or the other way. Industries which are suffering the most:

Immigration Agents, Visa Services
Tours & Tourism, Events & Holidays
IT Services – Limited Services
Religious Services
Malls & Shopping Centers
Impex- Imports & Exports
Education – Schools & Institutes
Online shopping due to low shipping, packaging and delivery

Based on News, Internet study & emails in Inbox announcing that my vendors will be providing lesser services due to this pandemic.

So what left is – Health Industry. That is also not good as people are avoiding going to hospitals & clinics because of the pandemic and fear that they can catch the virus if anyone present there with it. Pharmaceuticals already loosing trust as till now they are not able to find a solid medicine/vaccine of this virus.

I have seen in many videos and they are right when they say that Normal Cold cough is not Corona Virus. No need to worry for that and even your family doctor would be good enough to cure you for that.

Testing being done on arrival to India

Medical Testing being done on arrival to India. Image source : Internet

India is quite safe comparative to other countries because of many good measures of Indian government as we keep on listening that people including celebrities like Anoop jalota are being kept in isolation when they are coming after travel from other countries. Also there is vast level of awareness created by the social media – facebook, whatsapp, mobile pre feed messages, TV shows. The only thing to be worried about is the news of some people who run away from Isolation wards after being diagnosed with the virus and the population in India because it can spread fast otherwise due to foolishness of those who run away. Otherwise people India as I earlier talk about are with good eating habits and we all believe in self hygiene like taking bath & daily prayers, preferring fresh foods only.

Also I have seen some people of India claiming in facebook that they have medicine of virus but they are not telling it publicly, actually they must be keeping it in secret because they may not be the qualified doctors or researchers, but as per me they should be given chance because you never know if even 1% they are right and if it works could save everything for human life.

I hope you enjoy reading!
Take Cares.. Avoid Travelling, Wash Hands & Face
Namaste 🙏
Mudit Gupta

About China – From Budha to TikTok but Wuhan very bad

I remember at my age… we just had Pac-Man game in 4th class that too in our school’s lab & the computer class once in a week and on monochrome screens in 1989 & my daughter has entire android mobile and Ipad of her own from when she was just 2 years… and now she is becoming a good performer of Tik Tok. I cannot stop her ever doing this because already she is topper in her class So I have no reason to say so. Rather it is good if she joins even Artist Career. Actually I never say anything more because I have seen all is done by God himself we are just his puppets in his Grand show of this planet earth. 🙏🏻 Follow her here

About Tik Tok – It is a Chinese app and most downloaded app of 2018.

But China why you allow such wuhan type markets…. Why don’t you punish such of your people who establish such markets… you should !

For good work we are always with you But really don’t like you because of such other things!
You are also humans and why you allow such people who do such insane things. Are you not afraid of God ? Lord Budha 🙏🏻 from India who is your God and whom you believe most always say you to do good things. Dont forget him ever… We are all tourist on this earth, no body is going to stay here forever and we should always keep it clean while we stay here.



With lots of love for your good works ❤️ Like this TikTok and also I read a lot about another growing company Tencent! Which has done very good.

But really feeling very bad on your other part after seeing wuhan’s market videos.

Take cares !!

Wishing good health for all my readers…

Mudit Gupta

Business Developer over Software Developer

Choose to be a Business Developer than to be a software developer in your career if at the same time you are getting offers to become both… because sooner or later you will understand that software are just a part of any game and business is the actual game for which these are meant for!

Don’t go for the relatively easy one and the one which seems to be more corporate and alluring where you have decent office and nice automatic hydraulic pressure monitored modular seats and furniture (they are just of few thousand rupees), they are all there to feel yourself more comfortable so that you get attached to your work and you love doing it like every now software folks like me start their career, be a Man and be solid to be used to go in markets and meet people and develop business and bring food for your companies that is bringing new projects and making sales happen. First one will be good for many initial years but mind it that if you get used to it you will not be able to do the second in case you need any time.

Be a Man Like Modi Ji & see his strengths at his age, (my not getting funding is just a very small issue for him if ever I get chance to meet & ask him so) But overall he is so active which if me and you can retain this much of managing, travelling and working strength at his age seems to be a miracle.

In my initial days of starting my own I always regretted that though I worked with so skilled hi tech managers in my career earlier but used to cry that what was it could I was more into direct business development would have been of great help while I started my own for which I used to study all nights through other people blogs, courses and books every time.

This month calendar from My Project Desk

This month calendar from My Offline Project Desk

Consider and take note of all such aspects when you start planning for your own startups otherwise growing is very painful process and the toughest when it come to making sales.


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Are you a Job Seeker?

I have been knocked down 100s of times since last 20+ years. But every time I stood up & seen myself stronger, richer and full of strength than ever before.
Now when I see that everything which seemed impossible those days have become achievable for me. In fact now when the things or any process seems simple I would rather say no because simple things are more doubtful for which lesser efforts are to be made.

When there is we find long list of bugs or improvements I say that we are doing good and very similar to when you see apartments building in road and nothing is clear as a picture to the layman other than the team of civil engineers or architects who actually know the maps and who know what is going to be build up.

I have grown up in the environments where the running software for the higher managements seems to be only affected by the color schemes and they want to see the greens on every status bars and they come up with their any demands to be be fulfilled as functionalities of that and we the engineers then moved on to rewrite codes to bring those changes visually appeal-able to them. I was very young when I received interview call from Germany being inside IBM for a project of client but did not got chance to work for that client as the HR said that it is not even one year since I joined. I really felt very bad because when the client was ready who the HR is to stop me.

Nice office

If you are into sitting jobs then do not ever miss the opportunity if you get to work in nice environments because all after you have complete education and right skills with you, all you need is a decent cool place to sit and apply what you learnt all in your life to bring results for the organizations you work!

Anyways my life all has been a struggle till date but here is nice portal designed by me and hope to provide you with all sort of opportunities in future. I still believe in doing good for anyone as that ultimately reduces the bad memories of past.

And when I say you not to do job does not mean that you quit immediately to follow your dream of starting your own business but to be ready in advance if you need or are motivated enough to do so. Remember you will need lot of funds in future if you want to start your own business which you can collect by doing job and serving in high paying countries.

@FastHireTech you can register as a Job seeker for free and once we have relevant openings the program itself will start emailing and reminding you to apply for that.

You can follow these URLs to reach where we are working


Sincerely for all my readers

With all your blessings

Mudit Gupta

MSME – A better option in India

MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise

Some always say that one should become Ltd. Company after a certain period of time but I am not in favor of this now because it increases lot of formalities and unwanted responsibilities of any company and even its like giving control more to public. You can always see that Grand Pa of all companies IBM is still Pvt. Ltd. in India – its either IBM India Pvt. Ltd. or IBM Pvt. Ltd. Rather best option to start these days as a startup in India is to get registered under a simple MSME program like I have done for my new brand Rusty Fashions ( to be started and one should even not go for Ltd. or Pvt. Ltd as a Startup. Its the most easy process to start business and just focus on work than on to setups. Its like more the small vehicle more you can speed up even on busy lanes to reach your destinations too quickly. It has become very easy to start with your own business these days. After being a professional all your work matters more than your names and the formalities you need to do.

rusty fashions

Display of MSME Certificate (for illustrating purpose only)

Now you will say that why even register with MSME program and not to work as a freelancer and the simple reason is that it will help you establish as a business name and you can open current accounts in the banks which over the time once you will grow will help you get loans and funding which are for MSMEs on the time when you will need to speed up for more growth depending upon your current account PL(Profit Loss) statements.

And always remember go for Manufacturing certificate than for service category to be on higher side in which you can do both manufacturing and the service as well as it will be helpful to you later and even you do not need to worry for GSTs in your initial years because obviously you will take to some years to understand the business and become on that much profit mode.

And still if you want to be under a Boss then your luck and earnings will depend on him because in any case being at same place you cannot grow more than him unless he is so talented to leave his seat for you first by getting another big position somewhere else for himself 😁

Let us know if you want to register a MSME and my business associates will help you in that process.

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