Business compulsorily needs IT Expertise

Yes, Running a business in today’s competitive world absolutely needs the advantage of its integration to IT. Whether it may be IT of any form like ERP,CRM and even the Social Media etc.

The Business never grows in isolation, it depends upon the depth of its reach to the persons who gets the advantage and usage of the product or services of that Business. IT helps in increasing the depth of Business’ reach and of course it’s manageability. All the major Big Business are depending upon IT and not the less even the smallest one are taking the advantage of IT to grow.

Business and IT are now being the best friends helping each other to grow. In any domain or in any Industry the IT departments are now working as if a sub Business in itself serving the main.

Sooner the growth of the Business is realized to be dependent upon the relevant IT, the better it is.

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Business is all about the Capitalized Ideas

Yes, Business is all about the Capitalized Ideas. In any sort of Business only those Ideas are Actualized which can be Capitalized and rest anything is responsibility(Corporate Social). Business is always a teamwork of the Individuals at various levels of roles working to Actualizing the ideas which in turn generate revenues in term of profits for its sustainability first and then its growth.

Let us suppose that you have nice and decent idea of any sort of work which in any ways have some processes and those processes have some activities, so you put up your efforts and are able to convince a group of people which you call a team to work on that. Those group of people also starts to put up their efforts towards that idea to get actualize but one thing is sure that only those ideas are acceptable in business world that the others i.e. at the minimum your team to visualize the profits in advance for which they can wait for in terms of their duration depending upon their relation with that idea. Because some may be your employees and others may be investors.

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Business is steps of Calculated Moves

Yes, like the chess game where the opposite color is your competitor, the Business is also a game which involves monetary factor and its success and failure depends upon each move taken. It may be like for the co-ordination among the components within the same color or against the opposite.

So any move to move in this B GAME, you should be able to plan in stipulated time and calculate the risk-reward in advance. The better is that risk-reward ratio to be at least 1:2 and best can be any big figure replacing 2 here.

Again once you see that your moves which you calculated in advance, brings positive outcomes then you have more confidence in the next move and already you won the 50% game and rest you must ensure that other moves that you take must also bring success and if not – it should then only put just a bit of it into the risk.

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Business is other name Providing Solutions to the Problems

Yes, If you are hungry it is your problem but it is opportunity for the second person to feed your hunger and he en-cashes this by providing you the meal. If you want to educate yourself then it is your problem but it is opportunity for the second person to provide you education and he en-cashes this by proving you the facility where you can learn and so… on.

Business is other name of Providing Solutions to the Problems. If you watching TV Channel to be entertained then the advertisements pay for that shows but they are solving their own purposes. The social media you use is being sponsored by the adds. The rise of the Business houses depends upon how efficiently and effectively they create their market share in the process of solving the problems of the others. Big Brands are standing high only due to the need for their products and services they have created themselves in their customers or users.

The more the Big Problem you solve for others the more solid business your create for yourself.

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Business – Start, Sustain, Grow

Yes, Business is the most easy to start which can be done by any immature person in that field , it looks like falling in love with any entity which is a mere infatuation. You may invest and start by just mere having little money, little knowledge and little other resources.

Up-to the Start stage it is easy but the biggest question is the Sustain stage of that because it brings many challenges with it. It requires lot of efforts to come to the level it may require. It needs lot of dedication and extra resources of all sort.

The next important stage is the Grow stage which comes only after the Sustain stage, this seems relatively a easy stage than the Sustain stage because the sustain stage itself must have taught you all such lessons which brings to this stage.

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Business – Fool Proof Strategy vs Fault Proof Strategy

Yes, the strategy I would recommend in the initial stages is to be a Fool Proof Strategy for any Business which means that it should thrive in spite of n number of challenges it faces from its conceive time to the delivery stage because it should have its existence first. The faults are only in the running time which will never come to the count of zero. No faults means it is like a straight line on the ECG of humans. Later when once the Business reaches to the Fool Proof area where it is paying a minimum of the expected then you should plan for making it Fault Proof which is a continuous process and has no end .

The key values of any Business like its key inputs and key outputs must always be Fool proof and should be evaluated for all the possibilities and from there it can be mapped and risk aversion steps can be properly taken. The fault proof should be on lower priority than the fool proof in any case.

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Business – Research Well before You Start

Yes, Don’t just go to earn a quickie, Research Well before You Start. The things seems to be very easy from far or top view like wise if you put your eyes from airplane. There is lot of abrasion when once you are actually into that. Make every possible PLAN. Again look for and think like a single miss in estimating could bring a havoc. Be positive but list out all the negatives well before you start so that you have enough details where your Plans can fail exactly like mitigation mentioned in the Risk Plan.

Yes develop that foresightedness even before you start thinking to take any step further. Of course if you have previous experiences in any other domain will help a lot to manage that but it is not the same case every where.

One has to be very SMART in everything right from the beginning. Develop that much level before you jump into the pool that you will safely come out without drowning.

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Business Sense needs Clarity

Yes, The clarity in the thoughts is mandate to make the arrow hit on Target else you may land up in a uneven situation where you are left with no chances further. It is the vision only which brings the clarity and also brainstorming may be helpful in taking such decisions. Stand still if you have no road map but start on preparing that simultaneously. Go for training if required but move on with some concrete plans than just a vague idea. Surely like the director of the movie knows the theme well before it is even scripted, he knows the most and takes the credit in the award shows. Like wise if you are planning for such Business shows you need to know the clear picture then only you will be able to develop more beauty(profits) in the scenes.

The big problem is the Guess work if anyone applies, the exact and particular is most rewarded in Business. The more the Clarity more the Profits.

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