Start Serving

Q: Whom does Religion gives money ?
A : To those who Preach religion and serve God.

Q: Whom does Education gives money ?
A : To those who Teach education and serve Students.

Q: Whom does Politics gives money ?
A : To those Politicians who make Govt. and serve Country.

Q: Whom does Govt. gives money ?
A : To those who serve Govt.

Q: Whom does Medical System gives money ?
A : To those Doctors who serve their patients.

Q: Whom does Company gives money ?
A : To those employees who serve company.

Q: Whom does Clients gives money ?
A : To those companies who serve its Clients.

Note : Money in discussion above is +ve money only.

Entrepreneurial Thinking says
Stop Expecting and Start Serving !

P.S. God is above all so expect only from Him, Rest all will only pay when you will serve.








Mesmerizing Posts

Really seeing into the so big amount of activities on all these social medias, also on my most favorite facebook and even other good ones like twitter and linkedin, a new point comes to me everytime that because social media is not that old where some researches have finally reached to a level that they have good amount of facts and figures to support the usage dose of these.


Sometimes the posts are so good that I find my Mind Captured and I go on reading and scrolling to find more such posts and there you see the related posts..ohhhhhh what a user engagement that even when a techie like me can easily imagine what must be happening in the code behind the pages but the mesmerizing effect of the posts drags all your attention and you forget to think anything else that time.

And other thing to be thought of is that as the posts are going so much high in quantity.. counting all the posts .. then will social media be able to maintain the quality of posts ??????

You read a new post and then you have a new mindset after reading each post and this is for every new post you read. But how many mindsets and how many variations a human can easily assimilate in the mind ?


More posts are also seen as offensive types on social media..But keep on reading till you enjoy learning !


Hope you enjoy my writings 🙂