What Indians see in India before they immigrate?

It will take a lot time for India to be able to give that many facilities which other countries give to their citizens. May be this will not ever happen in our lifetime

India is rich but Majority of Indians are not
Because India is under renovation for all its systems and processes 365 days, So high budgets for all Govt. Related Projects. but who is caring for individuals and families?

So that is why normally people always go for tax savings, because when in need no one will come forward, whearas I know all the schoolings in US and Canada are free from govt. side. Pensions to all its senior citizens & Lots of other benefits are to them.

And if not anything else… Pandemic like stuff will break the backbone of its people.

If I say truely…Atleast in Punjab No good caliber person want to stay in India and they all want to immigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Right in the very beginning of their career people plan to move out of India because they see struggle here and inspite of that they say that career is not guaranteed and govt. jobs are in scarcity.

If not anything, India can be best seen as Education and training hub because after that a candidate move out of India to implement what he learnt here. But for this too it has to improve to a world level in all its services.

Other important factor is the social culture and the pay structure. Doing a job of lesser status pinches every one here in India, all wants to become manager after a certain age but that too is not so high paying as compare to what you can get in foreign lands.

You can see when the thought of immigration arrives in one’s mind

  1. For studies ( Study Abroad after +2)
  2. Right after completing the studies ( for higher studies )
  3. After Joining a job (to get a better career)
  4. After Marriage ( if your partner agrees)
  5. In the mid career ( getting a better opportunity)
  6. After Retirement (joining their kids)

Definetely everyone wants growth in their career and life too. And what if you get facilities from Govt. also in achieving that

For your career and life
Think wisely…. Plan Accordingly

I hope you enjoy reading
( If you ask me I was planned to move at 3rd level as in my article but my life partner did not agree that time, although now I have full permission from her)


🌼🌼 In the current situations & surely in coming times
Indian Job Seekers will be in benefit soon specially those who are working in the IT companies.
You know why ?
Because of “Remote Work”
Corporates finding people of the same caliber, finding easy to pay for Vice Presidents at the same price at which even 2-3 years experienced engineers do not agree to work.

Once any corporate will taste this flavor, then hardly they will switch back to their pre pandemic and traditional task force. And it is already started from countries like USA, Canada, and UK

Because once you working from remote location, then hardly it matters that from which country you are working from.

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World Book Day 2021

It is the day of book lovers 😘,
I became a book lover only after my own startup in 2014,
because I wanted to read what others say about startups and running their own show…
Books πŸ“šcontain knowledge & experiences of their authors,
available at the lowest price, otherwise which you cannot gain even by spending millions.
I know myself, am just like water and become like whom I am kept with. Books sleep on the side of my bed so I became an author also. (My first book being an author is already under review, fingers crossed 🀞) When the publisher asked how much price I want to keep I strictly told them it to be the lowest they want to keep, because I just want to catch the blessings of my readers πŸ™
Thanks to all my readers 😊
For taking me From Blog to Book
Mudit Gupta

World Earth Day 22nd April

One change for good which has taken place, I am taking our Amritsar as an example is the introduction of E-Auto Rickshaws, they are battery operated, very comfortable & gives cheaper rides. Next year as soon as my budget allows I will also replace my bike & my car to electronic one.

Regards to all my readers (from Mudiit)

My first book being published

I am almost done with writingπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» a bookΒ πŸ“–
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Happy Women’s Day – 8th March 🌟

On this Women’s day, I want to say that
I have seen all these roles of a woman very closely and they are all awesome & full of respect
Woman as a Mother
Woman as a Grand Mother
Woman as a Sister
Woman as a Cousin
Woman as an Aunt
Woman as a Neighbor
Woman as a Teacher
Woman as a Classmate
Woman as a Boss
Woman as a Colleague
Woman as an Employee
Woman as a Wife
Woman as a Daughter
Woman as a Niece
Woman as a Mother in Law
Woman as a Sister in Law
Woman as a Priest
Woman as a Maid Servant
Woman as a Cook
Woman as a Favorite Actress & Artist
Woman as a Landlord
Woman as a Counsellor
Woman as an Astrologer
Woman as a Shop keeper
Woman as a Stranger
Woman as a Doctor
Woman as a Politician
Woman as a Leader
Woman as a Goddess πŸ™πŸ»
Maa Lakshmi πŸ™πŸ» Maa Sarswati πŸ™πŸ» Maa Kali
Maa Durga πŸ™πŸ»
In all women, I see the most strength, caring nature, and commitments with Abundance
Some falsely say that it is Men’s World
And I am Thankful to All the Women
Happy Women’s Day – 8th March 🌟