No Escape

There is no escape in this world.

Every time my daughter gets these badges from her school she puts on one of my desk … :)

These appreciations are enough for me as of now.


Hi Hope you are enjoying reading !

Trying to impress me?



A new Business contact trying to impress me saying that He will come to meet me in Amritsar & He will be staying in Holiday Inn and I can come down there to meet him. Do you think I am impressed ? Never…. Boss Holiday Inn sort of names are good to impress a local businessman & not the one who already doing International Business. Simply he could have come down to my place I would have been more happy :)

Last week in mind

Kanha ji looking so sweet today 😍😘
Jai Sai sarkar 🙏


Too chill … Just arrived 


When I was younger I was desperate about One Seat….& Now He gave me as many seats in offices as many clients & partners worldwide.
Please God Bless us all 🙏    

About 3 Years ago.. from my Blog. 
I hope you enjoyed reading :)

Earlier it seemed to me that… we all here are hired by facebook darling :) to help it generate revenue 👍 Waiting for my salary

Good Morning friends & family … Ram Ram ji
I do buy balloons from roadside sellers, coz I know how it feels like with no sales in a day 😘👍
Please God Bless us all 🙏


I do Vote … But will not join any political party (I do have a secret offer) as of now coz some may name my hard earned business money to be of other nature. 🌟🌿☘️


Your Salary is in hands of your Employers
Your Business is in hands of The Almighty
Am better paid by Him
Jai Mata Di 🙏🙏

We have both :)
Spend 1 to 2 Lakhs Air ticket with family & see Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Save 1 to 2 Lakhs & Ask us how to start your Business
Choice is yours!

Mudit Gupta is same for his clients even if you buy
👍10 Paisa Bulk SMS –
👍300 Rupees Katra Ticket –
👍1-2 Lakh Dubai Travel –
& Many more


Even to start your tank you need to do effort

am impressed by this ford’s add 👍

There were many to misguide me in business earlier…Now there are so many to guide me 😎

I have burnt my fingers many times in business so now I diffuse any ill willed bomb type people & revert to its source forever 😎

I swear I don’t trust anyone except God because I have seen many odd days. Even you.. you.. anyone !!

You may be Prime Minister of your country
I am the CEO of my Company…😎

I learnt from a cousin…He replied to my question that The Best Car is whichever you own & drive & not the Car of your dreams!

आपका स्टार्टअप आप को बंदा ना बना दे तो बात करना 😎

My Guys Respect me coz if they work for 8 hours.. I work for 18 hours.. If they know software I know its grandmother also 😎

From 16 years..1000 baar hara hoon…Kabhi khali nahin aaya hoon.. har baar haraney waley ke davpech seekh ke aaya hun…😎

च्छा किया फेसबुक बना कर किसीने पहले मेरे को चुप्प पसंद थी और वो सोचते रहे वो ही वो हैं … :)

दो दशक सुना हूँ कैसे बता दूँ दो दिन में
राधे राधे 🌟🙏
I hope you are Enjoying reading!

B & b of Business

Now I worry less about Big investments for my businesses in future because my own close connections work in Bank of America, HDFC & other Big banks.. & Many other stand individually with me :)
Please God Bless us All 🙏


Today’s Scene in General :)
जो दे उसका B भला
जो ना दे उसका b भला
Obviously B is capital for जो दे 👍





My Readers … I hope you enjoy reading :)