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Everything Must Evolve

Technology & Business are very similar – Both do not present itself as full fledged on Day-1. These both evolve. Rather Everything Must Evolve
And my dear mother in law (daughter of a sarpanch(head of village) mother ) says the same thing in local language
सहज पके सो मीठा होय
This means that the fruits are sweater when they ripe on their own time.
We always think that we are more efficient, faster & modern than our elders But when we think so we forget the fact they have also gone through many stages of their Life
Sometimes no better management lessons can be told by anyone but by the ones who are our elders 🙏🏻
Because the real situations they can do analysis based on the thought process which they have developed from the time we were not even born.
Respect Always for all the elders 💖
Mudiit 🎊🎊

I now got the real answer I was always searching

Being a founder I was always having this paradox that at one moment I was having a very rich feeling and on the other moment I was having a very low one.

But Thanks to a book which cleared my doubt and also that this is with almost all founders.

After reading this book I am now feeling much better in terms of self satisfaction. Mostly you find in a book  and in between some pages for the real answer you have always been seraching for.

Now I found myself not as a normal but definetely as a normal founder.
Because once you get into the exact diagnosis of what all is happening with you, then comes the relaxation.
Sharing because it can be helpful to other founders or the aspiring ones.


Founder's Paradox

Excerpt from the Book “Zero to One”

by Peter Theil

Reading regards for all my readers


How to stay happy in 2021 ?


In Order to be Happy :)

You need to have goals in order to be happy & Goals are of 3 categories
(as mention in the photo)


(Photo : extract of a book’s page with me)

Further I add that goals can be
1. Physical Goals ( Body’ health) (Tann)
2. Mental Goals ( Mind’s health) (Mann)
3. Financial Goals ( Money’s health) (Dhann)

Year 2021 will have same number of days for all living beings

So To be Happy
1. Have Goals
2. Make Sincere Efforts
3. Achieve some of them

My Best Wishes to all for the New Year 2021..

Sincerely for my readers


My friend & his courier agency – True DTDC


One of my childhood friend who owns a DTDC & other courier agencies had an accident last month, he got severe injuries, broke his back disk & is now on bed.

Today first time I went to his home, you know why because whenever I had some documents to be delivered, he always came to our home even when we played together in childhood & now when we are grown up and we need to deliver anything anywhere – he comes to our home so I never went to his home.

He was so happy to see me at his place, I could see from his expressions.

Even on his bed at his home as he cannot walk for another 45 days. He was working with full efficiency from his bed as a desk, his most clients who know him personally are coming to his home than to go to his office.

He is the True DTDC(Desk to Desk Courier). #Hatsoff
सच्चा इस लिए क्यूंकी पहले उस के घर या ऑफिस कभी ज़रुरत ही नहीं पड़ी जाने की, फ़ोन करो और जनाब हाज़िर! (True because earlier I never felt any need to go to his home, as whenever we called he was here with us)

Hope he recovers soon… My Prayers 🙏

Law as an experiment

We know India is so big, any decision like this new Farmer Laws sort should have been taken state-wise and should be seen results in the pilot states first rather than to implement it Nation Wide on the one go.
Because new laws obviously bring new changes so must be done patiently where the results from the pilot states should be seen first and yes if it fits & brings profit for all then only should be implemented in phases later.
As Govt. no doubt is doing to bring profits for farmers and their independence and on other side farmers have some other concerns because of which the farmers are concerning so protesting.
FarmersFarmers gathering on a bridge while marching for New Delhi
image source: internet search

Because as of now (watching all this on social media) we being able to listen to both sides are not able to decide what is right and what is wrong at the moment BUT if it was done in phases then figures of this law as an experiment could have proven to be the best solution.

I being another citizen have sympathy for both My Govt. & My Countrymen also and would never appreciate any such misunderstanding between both. Because Govt. is also dear to me and our farmers due to whom we are able to eat delicious food are also our loved ones.

I request both of them to play wisely and peacefully in solving this matter.
Both Govt. & Farmers are our own
My sincere regards to Both our Govt. and our Farmers!
(Always for my readers 🙏)

We will miss Rusty 🐶


We are very saddened from the core of our heart with the departure of Rusty. We will continue praying for you from our hearts. He was very lovable for all of us. Even the best vet doctor could not save him. We will miss him 😪 May God provide peace to his soul 🙏 RIP Rusty 🐶

He joined us on 25 January this year when he was just 35 days and has been our loving dude in all this pandemic & was very active


Sir, What happened exactly? (As asked by a team member)

Mudiit’s Reply:

He joined us on 25 January this year and has been our loving dude in all this pandemic & was very active


3 days ago Rusty was given 3 injections but He was not eating anything and tomorrow he was given a drip 2 times in the clinic in the morning and evening. He was having some blood infection and We also asked the doctor to do his blood test the final reports were to come today. We just have the snapshot of the machine from the lab.



Will we continue our R&D work on our New MSME Company RustyFashion? (As asked by a team member)

Mudiit’s Reply:

Rusty was so dear, was like second Kid to me & Vanitaa & was also like team member as when I worked in nights he always be near to me. Let us see to Rusty Fashion, Cannot say anything at the moment 😪




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🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀Missing Rusty 🐶🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀