Hats off to Indian Govt.’s Efforts

Happy : ) to see the prices being seen back to low of many items including edible oils. Seems Inflation which was seen in the recent past is in correction now.

Hopefully all other items will also be normalised back and will ease the household budgets.

Low prices are always good for all. For a family person low prices are good because then we can afford more of other items and can enjoy money saved on other things and as a business person it is good that our employed people will not ask frequent raises in the salary.

As per me stable economy is always best, as fluctuations spoil every budget even at margin level.

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Mudiit Gupta

Simple V/s Complex worries

But natural that Worries will not end till you live, worries will keep on changing also, as a sincere student you are worried for getting good marks, as a employee you will be worried for career and higher salary, as a parent you will be worried for your own kids and so on.

All the above worries are simple worries.

Now let me tell you complex worries. Worries of a poor if you have seen are for food, clothing and shelter. Worries of a patient are to live few years more. Worries of a Jobless are to get any job so that he starts earning.

Worries are if you have debt but no money to give to your lenders. Worries are for survival of relationships. Worries are that drought or flood should not happen. Worries are like Afganistan is facing nowadays. There are endless complex worries too which anyone can face. Worries are if Indians do not vote to Modi ji again then India can go to wrong hands.

Let us Pray God to give enough courage for simple worries and end any Complex worries and pray that we never need to face these.

Om Sai Ram 🙏

Interviewer notice your whatsapp dp also : )

If you have only 1 vaccancy for a online sales role ( 90% sitting job) whom will you select after seeing photo on their whatsapp ( you seen whatsapp because you needed to send them message of your location on google maps)

You know what type of thoughts come to interviewers mind ?

  1. He is in decent dress on whatsaspp dp but graduate only and no MBA but having 4 years exp.
  2. He is funky, accent is good but less than even 1 years of experience recent MBA
  3. He is having good experience, MBA also
    but no whatsapp

Interviewers are also human, we notice your every thing even before you arrive to us…

If you ask me…

I dont feel like giving my money to anyone whom I do not like because it is my hard earned money and reputation, I cannot give it to any loose hands…. So I think a lot days and nights before giving a single job to anyone


Love with tough ones

I am in Love with tough ones !!Let me tell you today, when I have very tough days I always remember my tough bosses, they have trained me so well… Be it IBM, Infosys or Vaibhav Global. Their position they hold for me in my life is just next to my father(he is also very tough and strict), so I am used to toughness.

A simple incidence as an example to state that a new additional current account in a nationalized bank took 3 weeks time, We needed it near our place in Amritsar so that we can operate it easily in case we need to visit to bank, But there were about a dozen of objections from their head quarters in Panchkula, every time we solved a objection after 2 days there was a new objection and we visited bank for about 8 times for this. But Lastly I got news today that Yes our new current account is ready today 🙂

My God Always gave me every thing tough but he gives me courage and a promise that my work will be complete. Thanks God Om Sai Ram 🙏

Why India should prefer International Number System?

Indian Number system is the root cause why rich Americans are far richer than rich Indians…..

1 Million USD = around 740 Lakh INR

1 Million INR = 10 Lakh INR

Millionaire in USD is 74 times richer than Millionaire in INR

Do not know why we Indian use Lakhs and crores when whole world uses millions and billions….. So that is why we Indians have very less targets to achieve in our life . Lakhs and Crores should never be seen, it is just to give fake happiness to Indian

When we want everything of International Standards, we should also use only International Number System

But what is right and easy should be used only… because Indian number system is keeping all in India from becoming rich…. as I mentioned in this post. Currency difference is another thing but why we introduced more hurdles like we call some Lakhpati, Crorepati…. It should always be counted from millionaire and billionaire & so on. Complications should be removed then only Indian people can achieve International standards

Hope you enjoy reading!

Regards, Mudiit Gupta

(P.s- My views are meant to elevate India and should be taken constructively. If we are now following GST which is as per international system then why not International Number System also ? )

What Indians see in India before they immigrate?

It will take a lot time for India to be able to give that many facilities which other countries give to their citizens. May be this will not ever happen in our lifetime

India is rich but Majority of Indians are not
Because India is under renovation for all its systems and processes 365 days, So high budgets for all Govt. Related Projects. but who is caring for individuals and families?

So that is why normally people always go for tax savings, because when in need no one will come forward, whearas I know all the schoolings in US and Canada are free from govt. side. Pensions to all its senior citizens & Lots of other benefits are to them.

And if not anything else… Pandemic like stuff will break the backbone of its people.

If I say truely…Atleast in Punjab No good caliber person want to stay in India and they all want to immigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Right in the very beginning of their career people plan to move out of India because they see struggle here and inspite of that they say that career is not guaranteed and govt. jobs are in scarcity.

If not anything, India can be best seen as Education and training hub because after that a candidate move out of India to implement what he learnt here. But for this too it has to improve to a world level in all its services.

Other important factor is the social culture and the pay structure. Doing a job of lesser status pinches every one here in India, all wants to become manager after a certain age but that too is not so high paying as compare to what you can get in foreign lands.

You can see when the thought of immigration arrives in one’s mind

  1. For studies ( Study Abroad after +2)
  2. Right after completing the studies ( for higher studies )
  3. After Joining a job (to get a better career)
  4. After Marriage ( if your partner agrees)
  5. In the mid career ( getting a better opportunity)
  6. After Retirement (joining their kids)

Definetely everyone wants growth in their career and life too. And what if you get facilities from Govt. also in achieving that

For your career and life
Think wisely…. Plan Accordingly

I hope you enjoy reading
( If you ask me I was planned to move at 3rd level as in my article but my life partner did not agree that time, although now I have full permission from her)


🌼🌼 In the current situations & surely in coming times
Indian Job Seekers will be in benefit soon specially those who are working in the IT companies.
You know why ?
Because of “Remote Work”
Corporates finding people of the same caliber, finding easy to pay for Vice Presidents at the same price at which even 2-3 years experienced engineers do not agree to work.

Once any corporate will taste this flavor, then hardly they will switch back to their pre pandemic and traditional task force. And it is already started from countries like USA, Canada, and UK

Because once you working from remote location, then hardly it matters that from which country you are working from.

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Love to all my readers 🤗