Strategy Vs Operations

We all know that establishing a new business and driving it to success needs tons of effort, The most strange thing is that You don’t know what will actually work. You need to try each new thing which strikes as if innovation in your head. There may be thousands of already established businesses of same nature and hundreds on which your prospective clients can make a bet and NOW comes the point that where YOU and Your Startup Stands ?

Lot of homework needed, hundreds of your connections come into play … You cannot remain in a Island and say you are connected to the rest of the world. Exploring each of your connect using what the buzz word Social media is all about Facebook, Linkedin etc. Though Strategy you can define sitting isolated but when the real execution of that strategy comes into job as operations then you need to be very laborious. Rather the strategy needs to be dynamic where you need to plan all about where even you see a single opportunity.

More the time you spend on making strategy which matches the Vision of the Company – More it will be easy to perform in the operations and obviously MORE all of this will be result oriented. Many of my clients ask me What First should they do Define a Strategy or Perform the Operations and my answer always is that both of these go hand in hand. If one is skin then the other is the sense of touch …

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Keep Rocking !

Mudiit Gupta