Future work force

Modern day task force have already grown in an internet era from their childhood and have all well knowledge of digital era equipment , those who are new to it are separate cases. So they have become a lot choosy and are not in hunger of air conditioned environments or modular furniture alone. It can be good to the ones who have not experienced such in their schools, colleges or local places. Earlier there were very few companies/brands proffered by engineers or other professionals, but now a days few friends unite & decide to start their own companies or even individuals prefer to work  as freelancers.

In offices people tend to master their work by making their own minds as slave of their willingness to perform at a particular time frame. It is not only the interest in the work or the level of commitment towards your own work but sometimes it is freshness/wittiness of mind which is required to perform the works which require more mental efforts like problem solving in a programming or debugging a business case.

Earlier it was good enough to make statements which showed that how good you are working on the particular project tasks which you are provided, businesses which run on concept based or knowledge industry are already filled with expert level of understanding of human behavior which a normal technical person is not that aware.  What recently seen these days in the job aspirants

  • Self interest have far exceeded
  • Very few are there whom classic 9 to 5 jobs actually matters


Even business people have understood that giving job or hiring a staff is good enough until he/she is for profit otherwise minimum staff will be a excellent sleek model startups.  A day not so far where automation and AIs will have overall edge over humans.

Still as all the things keep on changing or what we call are in rotation… Let us hope for the Best of Future work force.


Thanks for joining us.